It may be more than four years ago Candy Crush was launched, but it appears that the world is still not annoyed of the match-three puzzle game that has players of all generations addicted. But there are choices available – here are some of the games like Candy Crush that you’ll enjoy. This is most definite list of Candy Crush alternatives.


The Bejeweled app from the developers of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle is one that’s possessed us addicted for ages. With loads of several modes to play and accomplishments to be won, you’ll quickly find that your daily shuttle flies by.

Our ideal mode is Diamond Mine, in which you’ll need to chase against the clock to find secreted treasure. You can download this app Here

The Treasures of Montezuma 3

Another match-three game to play is The Treasures of Montezuma, that currently has three installments. The latest analyses your speed – try to secure as many points as plausible within a minute.

There are centuries of levels to pay through, and you can download a free variant of the app first to judge before you purchase. You can download this app Here

Jewel Mania

Designed by the developers behind Bubble Mania, the Jewel Mania play has more than 600 puzzles, in which members need to balance three or more jewels to generate combos and acquire levels.

You can download this app Here


You’ll require matching five in Hexbee, a line puzzle entertainment with a flowers and honeycomb description. This one’s addictive, although not level-based. Just beat your high score and get your way to the summit of the leaderboards. There are three challenges to pick from, so it’ll ever be a difficulty. You can download this app Here

Two Dots

Two Dots is a wonderfully composed app that uses simple, colourful dots and subtle animations. Combine as many dots of the same colour as you can in one minute or a fixed number of moves to move on to the subsequent level. There are power-ups available, too, as well as specific dots and points that make this pastime a pleasure to play. You can download this app Here


By God, 10000000 is addictive. It’s a combination of match-three games and dungeon-running roleplaying pastimes like Diablo or ORC: Revenge. As your small pixel dude automatically roams through a retro dungeon, he’ll confront assorted obstacles, and have to manage trios of levelling blocks in the bottom half of the screen to overcome them. You can download this app Here

Zookeeper Battle

Catch animals by meeting three of the similar species to develop your zoo and fight against other zookeepers in this Zookeeper Battle competition. All you need to do is to raise your own farm of animals having similar species. The farms or zoo having the largest number of similar animals have the higher chances of knocking down the opponent. So, it’s a much entertaining game. So download it and keep building the zoo. You can download this app Here

Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash is super-cute. Attach lines of Jelly characters in this game that spans numbers of levels. Endeavour for three stars in each level and find out how great your friends are doing. The concept which is used in this game, I think you must have come across earlier but the themes used here is just outstanding. Also, the smoothness and clarity of the graphics compel us to give it a try in case you are crazy for candy crush. You can download this app Here

Disco Bees

Full of charming characters, Disco Bees is a comparable puzzle game designed for iOS 7. With ninjas, hippies and even zombies, Disco Bees. You can download this app Here

Juice Cubes

This match-three game described Juice Cubes, originates from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. It highlights more than 550 fruit-filled levels full with pirates, mermaids and witches. Rovio, I think is a household name if you are having iOs or android.

Due to its concept, smoothness and other graphic options, it places itself on top of the list. Just incomparable to its rivals in terms of graphics. And I don’t think anyone is ever going to forget angry bird. Feeling nostalgic. You can download this app Here

We have made an awesome list. hope you liked it. Thank you and don’t forget to comment in the box below.