If you are among the largest group of 4G users in India with Jio having these apps can be beneficial. You can enjoy the faster 4G speeds on your laptop or desktop using the connection from your phone. To connect your PC or laptop you can use the various connecting options like the Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth tethering. I personally prefer to use Wi-Fi or the USB option as it keeps the speeds stable and provide high speeds as compared to other options. You can simply use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in your device to connect as many devices you may like.

However, there can be certain limitations and very less control over the connection. This is where the apps come in handy as it provide you better control over the connection and monitor the speed as well as usage and other such aspects.

List Of Top Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps

These are the top 5 Wi-Fi hotspot apps for your android device.


This app has been in the market for a long time and been a very productive app allowing you to share your phone’s internet to PC. You are not even required to have any Hotspot plan or additional plans to make this app work. Using the USB mode, you can connect any phone to your PC and use the internet on your phone on the PC. This works seamlessly on almost every android device and has no problems with the speed and connectivity. Many other apps would require you to have root access to use the tethering feature. However, this app solves your issues rooting cause.

PdaNet + appIt is very simple to use and provide an array of features to use your smartphone internet on your PC. The only issue is with the current update that causes some issue with the FoxFi mode (sharing over Wi-Fi). In addition, the FoxFi mode is not supported across most of the devices. Keeping these in mind, this app is still among the best apps to use for sharing internet of your phone. Download.


This app is same as the above app that allows you to connect to your phone’s internet without any added plan. It too shares the same drawback as the earlier app where connecting over Wi-Fi makes for a tough task. You can use this app to connect to PC and share the PC connection to connect other devices to the internet. Many carriers would block the access of the app and prevent you from downloading the app. However, the USB and Bluetooth mode works fine on both Mac and Windows PC and even the speeds are constant. You can even tether the internet connection to tablets and other devices to use the high-speed connection of your carrier on the devices.

FoxFi appA very useful app in many scenarios where your carrier might prevent you to use tethering or ask you to buy one. You can use this app to make the best use of your connection and make sure you have a stable and shared connection. We hope the Wi-Fi connection issue to be resolved soon in later updates. Check this app out here.

ClockworkMod Tether

This is another decent offering for you to connect your PC to your phone’s internet connection. This app gets regular updates and has all the good features of a tethering app. The guidelines are easy to follow and you can get the app running in no time. It even allows you to download the PC software on the phone itself and later copy to PC. This can be very helpful if your PC has no internet connection. You are not even required to have any technical know-how of rooting and advanced functions to use this app.

ClockworkMod Tether appJust download and pair the desktop client and use the internet on your phone on your PC. The only drawback is it allows for 14 days trial of unfettered usage. Post the trial ends it only allows 20MB of download a day. To use the app without any restriction get the paid version of the app, which is rather inexpensive for $4.99. Try this app for sure here.

Let us know your favorite among these in the comments below.