Ever wanted that awesome you played on your friend’s smartphone but didn’t wanted to download? Well this is the article that may change your life for now. Not change your life to be true, but make things simpler and accessible. Sharing apk, in other words apps is not something you can do directly from your smartphone built in features.

However there are many apps that can do this job for you and help you share files within minutes. They still use the WiFi direct facility of your device to connect and share the intended file between devices. Below is the list of the apps that can be very useful in your errand of sharing and getting apps seamlessly. Best things you can get all these for free.

List Of Top Android Apps To Share Apks Wirelessly

Here is the list for top 5 apps that I feel does the best job in sharing apks.


This app does what its name suggests us in a very organized manner. It is a one stop place for all your apps to manage your apps better. This app provides you support to organize and backup all your apps and even apps that you recently uninstalled. You can go for batch update or uninstall using this app.

But the reason this is on the list is, its functionality to transfer apks using the wifi hotspot. The transfer rates are decent and has very little to complain about the app. With so many android versions many manufacturers fail to provide regular android updates. But this app will work through ages, trust me I mean it. This has support from android 1.5 till today. Download

App Backup Restore

This is again an app management application that has pretty much everything you will need. It can create an automatic backup, look for apks and share apps suing WiFi direct wirelessly. It can even look for accidentally deleted apks to help you recover from the trash. The best part is you can even downgrade to any version if so required.

app backup restore app

It also offers great flexibility allowing you to back up your apps to the clouds using dropbox or others. Transferring directly from the app is something we are looking in an app to feature on this list. And this app is one of the best apps that you can get absolutely free that is super useful. Transfer rates are great too, saving you time and internet data. Download


We have rarely used the NFC feature on our devices in recent times. This app does make use of this neglected feature to create a powerful tool for sharing of apps through NFC. You may be wondering why it is here as many smartphone makers doesn’t include NFC anymore. The simple reason is, it also uses WiFi direct for all the non NFC smartphones.

So sharing files of any size and type is matter of few clicks using this app. You can share apk seamlessly and easily with great speeds using ethier NFC or QR code that uses the WiFi direct to transfer at high speeds. Download


shareit app

Now, this app is one of the most used, if not the most used app for file transfers. A very powerful app for sharing most types of files including apk. It has support for every major smartphone platform and even PCs. Though sharing apk cross platform won’t be advised, as every OS has its own optimization and hence not work on other platform. Transfer rates are very impressive that even reach upto 20m/s, as they claim. The rates do fluctuate during the transfer but it is one of the fastest no doubt. Download


This is another very popular name for transferring large files and apk at high speeds. More like shareit it has support to transfer all kinds of files and apps. It also support cross platform sharing and file explorer functions too. Apart from the usual stuffs, this app can provide you the opportunity to peek into the apps your friend have once connected. This nifty feature can help you get the apps that you find interesting without spending data to download from the app store. Feel free to share apps without the limitation of internet and network for absolutely free. Download

Let us know in the comments below about the app you found best, supporting you in your app sharing errands.