Ten years ago it might have looked impossible that someday you might have a digital assistant that lived in your phone. And that assistant would explore for the solutions you need when you need them and talk to you just like a flesh and blood office assistant.

When Apple launched Siri on the iPhone all that replaced. Today, Apple is not the only organisation that provides you with a digital assistant for handling your day and your business.

It’s hard to claim that there’s a better virtual assistant for the iPhone when you’ve got Siri as Apple can create an app that is fully integrated with iOS. That said, if you don’t have Siri there are lots of great options that may even be helpful some day. Below is a list of some of the Siri alternatives. They may not do all Siri does. Some may even do more and in a distinct way. But they’re all deserving a look to see which, if any, might strongly suit your needs.

List Of Best Siri Alternatives

Dragon Go

Nuance’s Dragon Go app received an update last month to give a much-improved voice service to users. The free app runs on all iPhone and third- or fourth-generation iPod touches if you use an outer microphone. It’s easy to use, just say what it is you’re looking for, and Dragon Go will search hundreds of content providers to give the best answers to match the inquiry.

Image result for Dragon Go ios app screenshotFor instance, for those desiring to listen to songs by a particular artist, Dragon Go will search that artist on Pandora, Last.fm and Spotify for premium users of that music service. It can also assist call a taxi, look up good eateries nearby, and stream movies. You can download it Here

Google Search

Voice recognition plays a leading role in Google’s mobile search tool. Rather than typing in a Google search query, Google Search supports voice commands to conduct a search.

Image result for Google Search ios app screenshot The app also uses your phone’s proximity sensor; just put the phone to an ear and talk to run a search. In appreciation to straightforward searches, the app also uses position to help find movie times, local eateries, and more. You can download it Here


Vlingo is a famous multitasker. By using voice commands, users can manage an email, text message, tweet or Facebook status, make a call, locate a place, or search the web. When talked to, the app transmits the voice command to Vlingo’s servers, rendering the answer in text form.

Image result for Vlingo ios app screenshotTo use Vlingo, just say one of four commands before the question: find, search, social update or call. The free app grants basic search functionality; you can add email and text message correspondence. You can download it Here

Voice Camera Pro

Unlike the apps before, Voice Camera Pro is intended to help specifically with one native iPhone app: the built-in camera. Instead of hitting around the normal camera app, Voice Camera Pro works fairly simple voice commands to launch the app’s camera, capture a picture, see your photo library, and share photos.

Image result for Voice Camera Pro ios app screenshotIt also adds a few fun accessories, such as snapping up to four photos continuously. In loud situations, you may require using an external microphone such as the headphone, mic, and remotely set your iPhone ships with to precisely convey your command. You can download it Here

Voice Control

Don’t neglect, your iPhone 4 or 3GS already integrates with some voice-recognition functionality as does the third- and fourth-generation iPod touch. The original Voice Control feature should certainly be given a little more credit, it’s not only useful for calling people hands-free but can also FaceTime connections on the iPhone 4 and manage your music.

Image result for Voice Control app ios app screenshotVoice Control can additionally prepare artist names, shuffle playlists, skip tracks, or play music related to the current song playing. For many users, Voice Control—accessed most efficiently by pressing down the Home button on your device—is quite fit for their needs. You can download it Here

Mention you favourite if you possess a different taste. Great to see you in comment box with your feedback soon.