We list up best cycling app below to help you find most useful one easily. Whether amateur or professional, cyclists have never been shy to embrace new technology to improve performance. The advent of smartphones have revolutionist cycling. There are pretty nifty cycling apps available for free on the android store. From planning a new route to navigating the way to fixing the bike, the Play Store has something for everyone. With the help of these apps, you can easily record and track rides, plan routes, keep up with your training and do a lot more.

We have selected some of the best apps which are available today for both amateur and professional cyclists. These can be easily downloaded from the Google PlayStore. Read on and take your pick!

Cycling Apps for Android

List of Best Cycling Apps on Android

1. Strava

The one app which does not need any introduction is Strava. This is no doubt one of the most popular free cycling apps around. It was launched in 2009 and has since become highly popular amongst the cycling enthusiasts.

The app keeps track and records your ride, provides speed, distance and other metrics. The distinctive feature of the app is the way your rides are presented. The leaderboard shows the times in the form of “Segments”, allowing you to compare your performance to your peers. You can also take part in challenges, follow the weekly progress of your team members and take part in challenges set by users. Users can also create clubs which can be joined by other users. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Fill That Hole

The biggest obstacles for cyclists are the omnipresent potholes. Few cyclists can boast of all their journey being pothole free. There has always been a struggle to report the tarmac carbuncles which are a huge pain for everyone. Before Fill That Hole, there was no app to report this issue to. Developed by National Cyclists Charity CTC, the app is highly functional. With a clean and simple user interface, you can report pothole location. The issue is then brought to the notice of the local authority. The app also allows you to add photos of the potholes. The app is free to download from the Play Store.

3. Bike Gear Calculator

This app is the one for you if you want to optimize your set-up. The Bike Gear Calculator is a slick app which allows you to compare the gear rations on your bike to optimize your set-up. You can input numerous variables. These include tyre width, crank length, wheel size, number of teeth on your chainset and cassette. The app is aimed for the technically sound cyclists who love it for its calculations and graphs. The app is free to download with a premium version available for both iOS and Android.

4. Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner

The Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner is a Satellite Navigation for cyclists. The app helps to plot a route from the chosen start and stop points using roads, cycle and permitted paths. The app is functional for UK at the present moment. It uses mapping from cyclestreets.net. the app allows you to choose a range of routing options from the quietest to the quickest route, avoiding hilly terrain. You can also search for bike shops in your vicinity with the app. The app is available to be downloaded from Android and iOS.

5. RiderState

The RiderState app is a crowd funded interactive gaming app. You can play this by logging rides. Then you have to conquer territories in your region. The more area you cover, the more map blocks will belong to you. The app tracks the route in real time, showing the position of the territories. The underlying idea of the game is to turn your bike riding and your region into a board game, where you can compete with your friends. The app also logs all of your ride stats, such as distance and speed. The app is free to download for iOS and Android.

6. My Virtual Mission

My Virtual Mission app is another beneficial app. Instead of setting individual rides, you can see the broader picture. You can set an ultimate goal and then strive to work towards it. The app maps a virtual journey over your goal. Every time you cycle, the same exact distance is plotted on the virtual journey map. Rides are added each time you complete a cycling workout. The app is pretty fun as a goal setting and motivational too. The app can also be used to set up long distance rides for fund raisers for charity. The app also has a function to track how much money has been raised. The app is free to download from Android Play Store.

App Name Play Store Link
Strava Install
Fill That Hole Install
Bike Gear Calculator Install
Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner Install
RiderState Install
My Virtual Mission Install

We may be missed few of your favorite one. Let us know, cycling apps name and why we should include it. We will surely include it if the cycling apps look useful.