Checkout the best weather apps / widgets for Android devices. Planning for a picnic outside for weeks and it rained on that day!! How annoying!! Why not you just plan your day according to the forecast using one of the listed best weather apps for Android. Smartphone is indeed a handy device if you use it properly with right kind of apps.

Best Weather Apps

List of Best Weather Apps for Android

1. Weather

An exceptionally easy and handy to use app for staying always updates with the weather conditions. This app is significantly designed to be as intuitive as possible; weather conditions with animations to see how weather comes alive. Weather is one of the most lightweight weather apps on Google Play with seamless user interface. Now you can manually add your location and track the weather conditions in multiple locations. Just tap on the temperature and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

2. AccuWeather

Stay connected to the latest weather conditions with AccuWeather. The app features minute-by-minute precipitations forecast for next two hours. Push notifications with severe weather alerts and local weather summaries that provide an overview of next 5 days; AccuWeather displays current temperature on status bar.

3. Amber Weather Clock Widget

Real-time personal weather station, Amber provides daily and hourly weather forecasts based on your current location in the world. Detailed weather report with wind speed, humidity, visibility and atmospheric pressure makes this widget quite useful. Users can get advance severe weather alerts and current weather conditions notifications. The app provides very good summary of existing and forecasted weather in graphic format.

4. Weather & Clock Widget Android

This app searches for your address automatically and provides the current temperature in desired unit. The app displays current time clock, date, battery information, calendar events in addition to weather details. It can also search all cities in the world by country code or zip code and automatically detect your location. More features include 5 days weather forecast and notifications alert.

5. Weather Live Free

Whether it is cloudy, raining or snowing outside, this app will provide you with real time conditions for your current location. You won’t really have to look out the window as Weather Live will make you feel like you are already outside. Cloud, satellite, rain maps all available to track what weather is coming your way. The app also provides extended forecast for any coming day of the week or hour. With customizable layout, choose the parameters you want to be displayed. Enjoy the perfect balance of beautiful pixels and accurate weather forecast.

6. Weather Unlimited

The most professional weather forecast specifically designed to receive weather conditions in your status bar at your current location. This app supports geo-positioning and retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location. Now add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations. Other features include sun rise, sunset reminders and weather notifications.

Enjoy your day according to your current weather with above mentioned apps and thanks Android. If you think we miss an app in this best weather apps / widgets for Android then let us know in comment.