Summer has started and it’s time for fresh flowers to bloom and the skies clearing up. Perfect setting for weekend trips and holidays with your family and loved ones. To help you in planning your holidays better here are few apps that can come in handy. All of these free apps can be of great help in this summer season with focus on the functionality. These apps are tested carefully before including them in the list. So, you get the best value for the time and data you will spend in downloading these apps.

Must have apps for Summer

These are the must have apps for you to enjoy your summer.


This is the best weather we have personally used it on all our devices. It works seamlessly using GPS data to get exact weather prediction and detailed temperature report. It can help you plan your holidays better so that you get stuck in rain or storm. Be prepared with predictions for rain, thunderstorm and wind speed that can disrupt your plans. You get timely notifications for each day and even prediction for next 7 days that can be very beneficial for you to plan your travel plans. Download.

Google keep

This little note-taking app will help you make list of the necessary items you need to carry while your travels. It is simple to use and will be an important app for you to keep track of everything you need while you plan for outing or simply go for shopping of juices in this summer. A very helpful app to have to note download important pointers to follow later and organize things better. You even get sync with Google drive to share your plans and itinerary with your group of friends or family. Download.

Google maps

This is a must have application to know a place better and get suggestions of places nearby. Google maps are accurate, provide you exact distance, suggest you best possible routes between places, restaurants, gas stations and many more to help you travel peacefully to any place. You can also get offline maps, so if your holiday is pre planned and you might have network issues in the area you are about to visit, download the offline map and navigate successfully. Download.


This app helps you easily and quickly locate restaurants and bars that serve the best dishes. Moreover, you can get suggestions based on your favorite dish and find places that are running offers. Read reviews and find ratings for that new coffee shop that opened recently and you always wanted to visit with your girlfriend. Furthermore, you can book table directly from the app in your favorite restaurant and be relieved of rushing hours before to book the table. No more calling up your buddies for a Friday night drink, make a plan and share directly from the app and invite them all at once. Download.


Your own personal guide for all travel needs and planning with booking and flights. This all in one app is the destination for everything that you might require to plan your vacation or weekend trip. Plan for a perfect vacation with your family and friends using the smart advisor app. Moreover, once decided on the place to visit based on reviews and suggestions from travel experts and other travelers.

Its time you get your flight and hotel bookings done so you don’t have to hunt places later. You can get everything sorted out on this app, from flight booking to hotels that too at great prices and discounts. This is a must have app for travelers and even everyone who like to go for holidays this summer. Download.

Fandango Movies

Wish to escape the heat outside and sit in cool air conditioner and enjoy a good movie? Well, this app can come in handy for you to find shows and book tickets online. Choose the seats you like and enjoy a great time with your loved ones watching good movie. It is simple and provides you trailer to watch of the new movie released this week. In just few clicks, you can plan for a perfect date or family time using this simple free app. Download.

Let us know in the comments which of the above are your favorite pick this summer. Enjoy your summer!