Looking for best eBook reader apps for Android then you are in right place! While dedicated eBook readers are still in vogue for the reader on-the-go, a number of bookworms are shifting to eBook readers in their tablets and smartphones. This relieves them of the headache of carrying extra gadgets while moving around. Google Play’s Books and iBooks from Apple are doing a great job to keep the readers reading. Apart from these, there are a number of specialist reading apps which include a lot of add-ons including highly configurable reading experience, support for all types of odd formats and endless subscriptions. To help you make right choice, we handpicked best eBook reader apps for Android devices.

best eBook reader apps

List of Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

Check out these convenient, all in one eBook readers for your next reading experience:

1. Kindle eBook Reader

Kindle from Amazon is a multi-platform juggernaut featuring an eBook Reader, marketplace and library management features. There are more than one million titles available in the Kindle Store, including the latest bestsellers to timeless classics. The friendly customizable display allows you to adjust the font size and brightness besides other settings. The app syncs your last read page and allows you to bookmark and highlight and make notes between platforms and devices. If you opt for Kindle Unlimited which is a paid monthly subscription, you also have access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks.

Price: Free

2. FBReader eBook Reader

The FBReader is one of the most popular eBook Readers; mostly because it is free and mostly because it supports dozens of formats including EPUB, RTF, HTML, Doc, Plain Text and FB2. Not only this, it also supports AZW3 or Amazon Kindle eBook. You can also run PDFs by simply installing a free plug-in. The app also comes with an in-built browser to find eBooks which is pretty neat. The app has a number of customization options along with easy sync to library.

Price: Free

3. Google Play Books eBook Reader

Google has given an alternative to every app on Playstore. While the first editions of the reader were not that great, the progress has been pretty much great. The reader is tied to the Playstore and a major chunk of what you will read will come from there. You can upload EPUB and PDF books to your library and sync it to your other devices with access to Playstore. The interface is modern with a great material design support. The reader is an excellent option if you’re on the lookout for eBook Platform rather than just a reader.

Price: Free

4. Moon+ eBook Reader

This is another eBook Reader which is recommended by a lot of readers for its multifarious features. The app includes themes, support for formats like PDF, EPUB, TXT, HTML, RAR, mobi, ZIP, OPDS, CBR, CBZ and CHM. The app also offers a number of scroll modes which make reading a breeze. The latest updates have also added material design compliance from Goggle which give make the app good looking. There are both paid and free versions.

Price: Free for the trial version and $4.99 for the paid version

5. Nook eBook Reader

This has been giving Kindle a tough competition over the years. The eBook Reader has been built by Barnes & Noble and offers a selection of more than 4 million free and paid eBooks, comics, and magazines as well as other publications. The app also offers settings for fonts, line breaks, margins and night modes all of which is customizable. The app is cross-device compatible and allows for platform syncing across your devices. You can also save your notes and last page reads. With the latest release, the interface has received a fresh face with a redesigned home screen and better organizational options. The only drawback, you cannot read your locally stored eBooks.

Price: Free

6. PocketBook eBook Reader

The PocketBook eBook Reader is another versatile reading app for all the bookworms out there. The interface is pretty simple which makes reading easy. The app has support for most popular file types including OPDS and Adobe DRM. The app also features text to speech allows file reading. You can also add notes to your documents. There are different reading modes for you to choose from. Simple, elegant and cozy, just in case, you love minimalism.

Price: Free

7. Scribd eBook Reader

Scribd eBook Reader was one of the first apps to give away unlimited access to books. This awesome feature has led Scribd to be called as “Netflix for Books”. The library has more than 500,000 books from over 900 publishers spawned across a variety of genres. The app also features customizable displays. You can curate editorial collections, have personalized recommendations based on your previous reads and can download books for reading offline.

Price: $8.99/mo

So far, these are the best eBook reader apps for Android devices that available in play store. We may come with an article on best free eBook reader apps for Android later. You can suggest an app to add in this list in comment.