Gone are the days when there were just a few video chat apps. Now, there are tons of apps which allow you make a video call with your colleagues and loved ones—free of cost. Indeed, making the video call had never been so easy-going earlier.

If you want to examine some of the finest video chat apps for iPhone and iPad just to test or check out which one has the excellent quality, we have you supremely covered. They are all feature-rich and formulate a happy problem of plenty. Let’s dive right in to pick the best bet!

List Of Top Free Video-calling Apps For iPhone & iPad

Google Duo

Google Duo didn’t have to work hard to wander into this special list. What sets it apart is the experience to make your video calling pure fun. I was really surprised to see its video calling quality.

Whereas many other competitors need internet connectivity at their very best to continue steadily throughout the call, its quality doesn’t endure much even when you have the bad internet connection. Still better, it lets you change from cell to Wi-Fi with just a tap.

It has an impressive feature called “Knock Knock” which gives a video preview of incoming calls. Therefore, you can quickly find out who is calling and why before going forward with the call. You can download this app Here

Facebook Messenger

With more than 1000 million users, Facebook Messenger is surely one of the most tried apps. It gives a great video calling experience.
I have experienced video call with my Facebook friends. The group video calling produces the needed entertainment into the play. The quality of the call is pretty good. Other interesting features of this messaging app are Instant Video, Instant Games, Secret Conversation and much more. If you are watching for an app to make video calling ultra-convenient, the Messenger should be a viable choice. You can download this app Here


WhatsApp is by far the extremely popular messaging app enjoyed by millions of users around the world. Now, it also enables you to do a video call with your buddies and loved ones. If you are after a top notch app to permit you video chat with friends with required flair, WhatsApp has to be the best contender for your choice.

As for the quality of the video call, I would rank WhatsApp at par with the best. The most striking thing about it is that it offers a nearly better calling than most other apps even on 2G/3G let simply 4G. You can download this app Here


As far as features and user experience are regarded, Viber has long been a top place messaging app. Although it may not look as beautiful as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it has what it takes to do a wonderful job.

It enables you to make a video call with your friends with comfort. The quality of the video chat is completely satisfactory. With various other necessary features to let you interact with your buddies conveniently, Viber can be a classy choice should you choose to take a rest with FaceTime on your iOS device. You can download this app Here


Agreed, JusTalk isn’t popular as some of its more notable rivals, but that doesn’t mean it can’t race with them when it comes to permitting you video call with the required comfort. I haven’t used it much, but its mild UI and decent video call have moved me. You can pick themes, create doodles and even add your desired ringtones. It encrypts all of your data to allow it the needed security. You can download this app Here


WeChat is a hugely famous messaging app in China. It renders high-quality video call. What makes it a solid deal for users is that it allows users to organise group chats with up to 500 people. Thanks largely to user-friendly features, it’s widely regarded to be one of the top contenders of WhatsApp. You can totally trust it liven up your video time with your buddies and loved ones. You can download this app Here

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger’s video chatting ability is of top grade quality. You would relish having a long chat with your colleagues using this great app. It unites you to your friends via a number of services: Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger etc. Nimbuzz isn’t actually on my list of apps to use, but it’s worth giving a try analysing the charming features and rich user-interface. You can download this app Here

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