Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. My phone is apparently with me every single minute when I’m awake. But they are not only important during wake hours, they can also assist you to get a good night’s sleep. Here we suggest you 7 top sleep tracking apps on iOS, which can control your sleep based on your actions and sleeping sounds.

In addition, most of these sleep tracking apps have exceptional additional features, such as smart alarms. For those like me who has a difficulty of getting up every morning, these alarm features, which can make you feel revived and energetic after waking up, are my personal preference.

List Of Top iPhone Sleep Apps To Cure Sleep Disorder

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Just as its name, the app tracks your sleep cycles: light sleep à deep sleep à REM-sleep (when you dream). Depending on the period of your sleep, this 90-minutes sleep cycle could replicate several times. Your movements and the depth of your sleep are inconsistent with each step of the cycle.

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When you sleep, you require to put your phone on your bed and then the app will track your movements and reviews your sleep by utilising your phone’s accelerometer. You can review the detailed sleep statistics and graphs for every night, each week and more. You can download this app Here


SleepBot is a clever alarm sleep tracking app that assists you to record movements and sounds during the night. Same as Sleep Cycle, it can also wake you up at your lightest sleep. It also presents you with an online version, on which you can share your sleep data.

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When you go to sleep, you require to punch-in on your phone or online and SleepBot then starts to watch your sleep. When your alarm rings in the morning, the app will automatically punch out. The sequences and graphs are simple to export as graphs and CSV documents. You can download this app Here

MotionX 24/7

MotionX-24/7 associated with Sleeptracker technology launched their sleep tracking app. It gives a comprehensive sleep solution. It also guarantees to help you wake up at the optimal time by analysing your sleep patterns during the entire night.

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Same as SleepBot, you can also record snoring or other sounds throughout the night with MotionX. You can download this app Here

Sleep Time+

Looks like all the sleep tracking apps are applying one same technology: movement tracking. Developed by Azumio, Sleep Time+ also renders the same service. It gives you an insight into your sleep patterns by following your level of movement throughout the night and then produces customised sleep data into charts and complete reports.

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You can also get the weekly or monthly report quickly and store data on the cloud. The Soundscapes specialty gives you the white noise to ease you fall asleep easier even in the noisy environment. You can download this app Here

Smart Alarm Clock

Developed by Plus Sports, Smart Alarm Clock concentrates more on the alarm clock role more than any other sleep tracking apps. The primary idea of this app is awakening you up better by monitoring your sleep cycles, movements and registering all sounds.Image result for Smart Alarm Clock ios app screenshotYou can pick the time window you want to wake up and then, the app will wake you at the best time. You can download this app Here


Developed by Panos Spiliotis, Pillow is the attractive sleep tracking app I’ve ever witnessed. I think there are three primary functions of a sleep tracking app: measures and tracks your sleep position; provides you sleeping data; usually wakes you up.

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In addition to the above three points, if it can assist you to learn more about sleep by giving you hints or help you fall asleep immediately by providing you white noise. If you’re watching for an app to just give you white noise, Pillow is not the valid choice. But the interface, graphs and charts are quite visually appealing, which makes it worth a try. You can download this app Here

Sleep Better

Besides the primary functions of a sleep tracking app, Sleep Better by runtastic empowers you to monitor your dreams and improve your bedtime manners.

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It allows you a simple and engaging way to enhance your sleep quality by studying how your daytime activities impact your sleep efficiency. You can download this app Here

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