You can easily get bored of the limited wallpaper choices that most manufacturers provide. To spice up the look and feel of your device the simple thing you can do is change wallpapers. Well that’s easier said than done, to get the best wallpaper. As devices come in different sizes and resolution, it requires for little care to choose the suitable one.

You can always simply download an image and apply as wallpaper. But that won’t do justice to your smartphone and you. For that you have to get the wallpapers from trusted websites complimenting your screen size. Also its time for HD, so you may want HD wallpapers instead usual ones. To help you with these entire tasks, we have made a list of top websites.

These top 7 websites provides you best wallpapers from various aspects of life. Every taste has a companion and you can download your favorite free from these websites.

List Of Top Sites To Get Best Wallpaper For Smartphone

Mobile walls wallpaper

One of the best sites I came across in my hunt for the best wallpapers. This website is fully dedicated to high quality wallpapers for almost every type of device. Be it android, iOS or even windows, you can get all of them at once here. This is the best place to get wallpapers specifically for your device orientation. They have a good collection of wallpapers of different categories so you get bored. Visit them at:

If you are an android lover you might have heard of this community. This is not just a website for wallpapers but also an android sharing platform. You can get news, apps, reviews and anything android here. They have a decent collection of wallpapers too but you need to play around a little. A little muddled at times due to its lack of sorting option it do hold up for its collection of quality wallpapers. You need to register to enjoy the best benefits though. See it yourself at:

abstract art

One of the websites I liked a lot due to its customization options. You can select your specific device with OS version to get the best suited ones only. So no more going through tons of images and choosing the one perfect for your device. You can select your device maker, model and get the wallpapers that are only for your device. They also have tons of great wallpapers from various categories. Check them out at:

shipwrecked wallpaper

Wow! Is the expression we had when I first visited this site for wallpapers. It has great collection for stunning wallpapers not just for your phone but also for pc and tablets. Most of these are shared by people who clicked those masterpieces and you can get them free. Just choose your device and screen size and get your copy of the wallpaper. Lots of great wallpapers to keep you excited for long. Don’t believe me, check them out here yourself and thank me later:

angry_birds wallpaper

If you want something more personal and want a customized wallpaper, it’s all here. You can choose for the wide range of options they have. Or you can even make your own with their built in tool. Best thing they also have an app to help you choose the best wallpaper. You can select your device and get the amazing downloads free. Definitely a more personalized option to go for some uniqueness. Visit their website or download their app at:

If you like live wallpapers then it should be your destination. This site boasts of its quality live wallpapers in abundance. They also have few static ones too if you change your mind somewhere. Although not all are free but they have some decent free ones too. It won’t get your stuck if you are unwilling to shed money. Be sure to check them out at:

Landscape wallpaper

Home for some great quality wallpapers for everything except your walls. They have a strong collection of amazing wallpapers for your every device. Getting the one for your device is easy too. You can download them easily on your device and enjoy the stunning feel on your devices. You need to visit them to actually believe at:

Be sure to let us know in the comments below for your choice of site for the best collection of wallpapers. Do share this and let people know you have a great taste when it comes to wallpapers.