Depression is quickly becoming one of the world’s prominent health crises, and it’s placing a massive pressure on our healthcare systems. But a new wave of apps could suggest a solution by healing people with stress, sorrow, anxiety and other mental health issues. We explore the genuine iPhone apps for beating stress.


When you’re seeming stressed, there’s nothing satisfying than grasping some paper and pencils to doodle. Although you may never become the succeeding Da Vinci, it’s a peaceful process and can help guide your mind. Recolor, which doesn’t require a penny to download, makes this experience to the iPhone.


It’s a colouring book app and sports images such as mandalas and animals. What’s refreshing is that it’s been produced based on complexity, so you can head off easy and make your way up. Another excellent thing here is that all the colours are fresh and not irresistible, meaning you have a way to unwind after a hectic day. You can download this app Here


Meditation is one of the reliable ways to ease stress and tension, and with Buddhify, you can get a pro at it. The app has been composed to show you mindfulness-filled meditation routines on the progress and to help you improve your well-being, both physical and mental.

You get 11 hours of custom meditation methods to pick from, all comprising 15 parts of a typical day. They’ve been modified to work in situations such as travelling, being online, going to rest and taking a work opportunity. You can download this app Here

Sleep Genius

Not taking enough sleep every night can also create stress and anxiety. The point is, if you rise up in the morning with low strength levels, it’s expected that you’ll strive to get through the day. Fortunately, there are lots of apps out there to assist you to get shut-eye. You can download this app Here

Relax Lite

When you have multiple things to do at once, it’s obvious to feel confused and negative. And if you don’t take a pause now and again, you can simply burn out. Relax Lite encourages relaxation as a treatment for dealing with the crisis.

The app gives guided breathing activities that use calming music to help you appear relaxed and abundant of energy. They last for about eight minutes and use different cues in each respiratory phase. That way, you can use the memoranda at your pace. You can download this app Here

Stress Check

Depression is definitely a developing problem, and there are obvious symptoms, but it’s not perpetually easy to tell just how seriously it affects you on a daily basis. Some exciting apps offer to evaluate your challenges as well as help you master them.

Stress Check is an outstanding example. Available to download on iOS and launched by a team of clinical psychologists, it presents you with problems about your signs and a score that expresses your current level of anxiety. You can download this app Here


Life is full of difficulties. Not only do you have to bargain with infinite pressures at work, but you may also possess tonnes of things to do at home – be it funding the bills, doing the jobs or looking after children. Managing on top of things really does handle off.

To-do lists can improve, but you don’t need to carry them around with you. Alternatively, it’s worth downloading an outline management app such as Trello. It may appear a bit businessy, but there are truly some handy tools to assist you in everyday life. For example, you can generate task lists and follow them, and you can add others too. You can download this app Here

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

If you were to chat to your GP about managing depression and anxiety, they may recommend Acupressure as a possible solution. This process intends to use your body’s pressure points to relieve tension and stress. Now you can use this on your iPhone.

Heal Yourself lets you find your pressure and self-massage points so you can do acupressure from the convenience of your own home. The app uses specific illustrations of more than 90 point sequences, and it leads you throughout the process. You can download this app Here

We have compiled a list of 7 best stress buster app. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have something which is not included in this list. Do let us know in the comment section below.