We’re strongly impressed with the variety of apps in iOS 10, but they are by no means precise, and you should never ignore that there are many rival apps out there pleading for your fingertips and attention.

In this article, we take a glimpse at the best options to Apple’s merchandise apps, the default apps that are preinstalled on your iPhone and iPad, from Mail to Messages.

Instead of Mail, use Microsoft Outlook.

In December 2014, Microsoft acquired one of my favourite email apps, called Acompli; Outlook is actually that app with a new skin on it. However, this is the most robust and most elegant email app out there:

You can perform quick filters for your flagged and unread emails, check out the whole of the attachments and files that have been emailed to you in a single dedicated folder, and also provides you tabs for your calendar and contacts, which are superior additions that develop productivity. You can download this app Here

Instead of Calendar, use Google Calendar.

Like Apple’s Calendar app, it can draw on data from Google, Facebook, and iCloud, but it displays all the information in a much more beneficial way than Apple’s default app behaves. The top half of the screen displays you the whole month, and the lower half of the screen reveals you what’s up next, primarily:

You can scroll down to see what’s coming up, and you can touch the top right corner of the display to bounce back to the present day. It’s all amazingly spontaneous. You can download this app Here

Instead of Notes, use Evernote.

With Evernote, you can organise notes out from photos or text, flag some notes to revisit later, set reminders for yourself, and tag your notes in several ways to stay composed. Better yet, if you click pictures of documents and upload them to Evernote, its strong search function can indeed scan those PDFs and other documents.

And, of course, Evernote syncs over all devices, from phones and tablets to laptops and PCs. You can download this app Here

Instead of Maps, use Google Maps.

Apple’s mapping and navigation app have gotten much improvement freshly, but Google Maps is still the most secure, most accurate, easiest-to-use mapping and navigation app for the trip, whether you’re walking, driving, biking, taking a bus, taking a train, or bringing a car.

Google says its Maps data is crowdsourced from “oodles of Android phones running through the world” and prepared by machine learning algorithms that analyse traffic patterns to provide you with the fastest route, every time. You can download this app Here

Instead of Voice Memos, use Recordium.

Apple’s Voice memos app is fine, but it doesn’t provide you with a comprehensive way to organise or interpret all your recordings.


Open Recordium, which lets you trim your clips right in the app, explain any part of the recording, and it will even sync with your popular cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can download this app Here

Instead of Apple Music, use Spotify.

Apple Music is Apple’s built-in music streaming service — you can still pack it up with music from your iTunes library for free, but if you spend $10 a month, you’ll get admittance to Apple’s entire music catalogue.

Spotify, however, is still the most fabulous polished music app out there, and in my evaluation, the excellent experience that’s truly worth your money. You can download this app Here

Instead of Weather, use Dark Sky.

Apple’s weather app works well most of the time — it’s taking the alike information as The Weather Channel, especially its “Weather Underground” service — but in my own opinion, the most comprehensive and precise weather app I’ve managed is Dark Sky.

It’s the very accurate and detailed weather app you can manage by far: You can get minute-to-minute forecasts for the next hour, and hour-by-hour predictions for the next day and week. You can download this app Here

Instead of Safari, use Mercury.

You may not have witnessed it, but the Mercury web browser for iPhone is a fabulous Safari/Chrome alternative on mobile. You can download this app Here


We have compiled a list of 8 best pre-installed iPhone apps alternative which is a sure shot better than the rival. Hope you like it. If not, let us know in the comment section below.