Which is the best android game for girls? The average girl likes cool and cute stuff. Therefore, the best Android game for girls is cool, cute and most importantly simple. Unlike men, girls will not be glued to the screen devising strategies to take over a kingdom, like the case of Clash of Kings, or play Sports Games all day long. Cute board games and simple strategy games are the kinds a girl would like.

best android game for girls

The list below features the best Android games for girls. It is a combination of board games, puzzle games and strategy games.

List Of Best Android Games For Girls

  1. Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is the best Android game for girls. It is probably the most popular game in the world. If you do not already have it on your phone, you are missing out. The cool music and sounds make this puzzle games even better and more ideal for girls. This game has endless levels that require you to match three candies of the same colour. Candy Crush Saga is free but comes with some in-app purchases that one can do without. Just because I have said, the game involves candies does not mean it is simple. The difficulty increases with the level.

  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is also as popular as Candy Crush Saga. There are four variants of the game; Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Rio. The game requires you to unleash the anger of the Angry Birds on the green pigs who stole the birds’ eggs. It is a good game for girls as it is cute and quite simple if you have the skill and will to destroy the enemy.

  1. Stardom Hollywood

Stardom Hollywood is the best Android game for girls who crave the life of celebrities. In this game, developed by Glu Mobile, you are a Star in Hollywood. Create your preferred look and choose a career then rise to Stardom in Hollywood. You will feature in top rated movies and appear on TV shows. Go to the best parties in town and learn how to avoid paparazzi.

  1. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Can’t you get enough of Candy Crush Saga? Here is another game from the developers of the popular game. The two games are similar because you are required to match candies. However, this game requires you strategically match candies to pop sodas. Sodas and candies are among the things girls treasure. Download this game and enjoy candies and sodas pop on your screen.

  1. Princess Gives Birth a Baby

Are you the kind of girl that used to dream she is a princess? Well, here is a game to help you accomplish those childhood dreams. In this game, you are required to care for a pregnant princess. Take her to the hospital, make sure she takes the medicine, feed her and take her to shop clothes for the baby. Be the hero who helped the princess deliver her newborn.

  1. Star Girl

Star girl is a role-playing game, and one of the best Android games for girls. The game requires the user to create an avatar of their choice and become the Star Girl. The Star Girl will have a career in singing, modelling acting and more. You have to shop for clothes, shoes and other beauty accessories to attain the best possible look. The best part of the game is it fulfils every girl’s dream; you get to date celebrities.

  1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is now better than ever. The cool graphics and exciting scenes will have you glued to your screen all day. Fruit Ninja requires you to slice fruits with Ninja blades and dojos. Download this free game and let Katsuro and Mari guide you through the game as you advance from an amateur fruit slicer to slicing and dicing machine. But avoid slicing the bombs, remember that throughout the game.

  1. FarmVille 2


FarmVille is the best Android game for girls who like farming. The game requires the user to raise animals, tend to crops, fish, and trade the produce with other farmers. FarmVille 2 is free and has an offline mode. It is quite addictive if you are the kind of girl who appreciates the countryside.

These are 8 of the best Android games for girls. While some are unisex others are purely a girls thing.

Which one you think best Android game for girls? Let us know in the comments section.