It’s obvious knowledge that Candy Crush Saga has taken over the world. This Match Three puzzle game is more than an addictive mobile entertainment – it’s a campaign. If any of you supporters of Candy Crush Saga out there are watching for alike games, we’re here to help you by presenting more time wasters. These mobile puzzle games allow that same “so-hard-to-put-down” features that will keep most of you gamers to keep arriving back for more.

Keep in brain – all of these games and Candy Crush Saga owes its very presence to Shariki.

Prepare to lose even more of your smartphone’s battery life and gaze at your screen for hours on end. These games are ideal for Candy Crush Saga players.

List Of Best Puzzle Games That Candy Crush Players Will Love

1. Bejeweled

This Event Three OG should be common to anyone who’s played an addictive puzzle game. This primary instalment in the series assigns players with matching a bunch of crystals and jewels for great scoring opportunities.

Image result for Bejeweled ios app screenshotIf you like Bejeweled, then you might as well go forward and play Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled Twist, Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled. You can download this app Here

2. The Treasure of Montezuma 3

The tribal history provides the main visible backdrop for this colourful puzzler. The third game in this group of puzzlers is bound with power-up’s that are certain to push you to a huge final score.

Image result for The Treasure of Montezuma 3 ios app screenshot The tight time limit will keep your fingers busy, so go forward and download this puzzler. Pay some regards to The Treasures of Montezuma 3. You can download this app Here

3. Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania is slightly comparable to Bejeweled, but it’s also notable different in some ways. You’ll essentially be matching various colourful jewels while attempting to dodge pitfalls and hazardous portals.

Image result for Jewel Mania ios app screenshotIf you’re seeing for a Bejeweled-like game that’s just a little bit more action-packed, then you’ve come to the right game. You can download this app Here

4. 10000000 (Ten Million)

Love dungeon crawlers? Can’t get plenty of those deep puzzle games with RPG mechanics? Well, we might have found anything new for you to get into. 10000000 functions like your usual Match Three puzzle game, but you manage a tomb raider who has to fight dungeon crawlers.

Image result for 10000000 (Ten Million) ios app screenshotBy pairing up a bunch of swords, shields, keys etc., you’ll hold your adventurer alive and cut down all your opponents. You can download this app Here

5. Puzzle Quest 2

Need another RPG-like Match Three game? Okay, certain thing. Here’s Puzzle Quest 2, a title that made its visit on video game consoles since it moved on over to mobile devices.

Image result for Puzzle Quest 2 ios app screenshotThere’s no time deadline for this puzzle, so you can take as long as you want when attempting to match up skills and elemental spheres. There’s robbing in here too, so there you go! You can download this app Here

6. Bravesmart

BraveSmart has an appearance that’s much modified from its Match Three competitors. You take charge of miniature Scotsmen as you craft small homes. Pairing up these little houses ultimately leads to bigger ones and so on.

Image result for Bravesmart ios app screenshotThe Scotsmen move around while you’re placing these cribs together, which makes your action a more complex one. You can download this app Here

7. Cruel Jewels

There’s plenty of jewels drifting around in these Match Three puzzle games. There’s a multiplayer method that tasks you and a partner with finishing some of these amazing matching combos we all love so much.

Image result for Cruel Jewels ios app screenshotThe jewels for this mobile puzzler look even more impressive when you pull off some incredible combos. Cruel Jewels is worth the effort when your daily commute. You can download this app Here

8. Doodle Find

So there are lots of objects that scatter the screen when you play Doodle Find. Socks, keys, cupcakes…crescent moons? Yep, they’re all here for you to meet up.

Image result for Doodle Find ios app screenshot The distinction is, though, you have to use your imagination of sight and memorization abilities to spot related items. Once your screen gets loaded with massive amounts of junk, you’ll soon be prompted mad by this puzzler. You can download this app Here

We have compiled our favourite Candy crush alternative. Hope you too like it. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section below.