Looking for best free Android Tablet apps then check out below list. There are many apps that are optimized and work best with the larger screens of tablets. There are surely some advantages are there while you use a bigger screen for an optimized app. The first advantage of these apps is that users have more screen real estate for bigger photos and interfaces that require scrolling. The second advantage is that users get extra functionality without having to navigate through sub-menus.

Sound interesting right! Here you will get to know about some of the best apps specifically for using on tablets.

Best Free Android Tablet Apps

List of Best Free Android Tablet Apps

1. Adobe apps have a collection of products, such as Illustrator Draw, Color CC, Shape CC, Brush CC, Photoshop Express, Lightroom Mobile and Capture CC and much more. These apps are most convenient to use with a tablet’s larger screen real estate.All of these apps are free for downloading, and it also works well with Creative Cloud for those who use it.

2. Flipboard has already established itself as a popular news-reading application. It has a magazine-style interface which makes it look appealing on tablets. It is a great source for news and users can customize their newsfeed with the sources they enjoy reading from. This easy to use free app allows users to virtually find any website they would like to use as a news source.

3. HERE Maps is much like the popular Google Maps; it is especially great for users to use their tablets for GPS. It allows users to download maps for offline use and it also includes navigation. This app helps users collect information on businesses in the area and share their location with the apps Glympse feature.

4. PushBullet is a great app for tablet users. It allows them to connect their devices together in such a way that they can communicate and work together. Using this app, users can answer texts on their tablet instead of their phone, move files between devices, copy and paste between devices, etc. Basically, this app creates a link between all the devices the user uses to help make them work together.

5. Zedge is the best option to help users pick some notification tones and wallpapers for their tablet. It has a bunch of crowd-sourced images and sounds that users can use to customize the most basic parts of their tablet.

6. Amazon Kindle is the leader in e-books, it is a must-have for Android tablet owners who want an app interface that allows them to customize their reading experience. The Kindle Store has about 350,000 of books, magazines, and other reading material that users can read for free. The most important thing is that the larger screens of a tablet than those on phones make reading much easier and comfortable. This app includes features, such as bookmark pages, highlight passages, use the built-in dictionary, take notes in the margins, etc. Amazon’s Whispernet will allow users to sync their information so that they never lose their place.

7. An Android tablet is incomplete without productivity powerhouse Google Drive. A Google Drive is combination of office suite and cloud storage solution. It let users create, edit and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations using an intuitive interface. With this app users download files locally and edit them in the tablet productivity apps. It will also help create much more space on the screen to organize their files.

8. Feedly is the most innovative reader as it allows users to view and interact with their RSS feeds, share content with social media networks and Google+ friends. Users can also save feeds to read later with Pocket or Instapaper. It organizes the users feeds into categories in the app or Web interface according to the news, travel, politics, etc. It helps users manage content more effectively. The tablet is the best device to use this app as it provides a better reading experience because of its extra screen real estate. Another advantage would be that this app integrates with different apps, such as Press and Corgi Feedly.

9. Google Keep helps people organize their plans and ideas. The app has a unique design. The UI looks like a well-organized board of Post-it notes that users can fill with color-coded checklists, notes, and photos. Google Now can also provide reminders for users. The notes are also backed up by being stored on the cloud.

So if you are an owner of a tablet, it is recommended that you try out some of these apps that we listed above in our list of best free Android tablet apps. It is guaranteed that the app will work best on your tablet to make it easier to do work.