Beer is undoubtedly the most loved drink around the globe. But do you know all about the drink that is so popular? There are few apps that will let you do more and know your drink better. It’s always fun to be with friends and enjoy the drink sitting around a table. However you can always look for something more interesting or even learn about your favorite drink.

These apps are must for beer lover to give them extra to enjoy their favorite glass. Furthermore, know about the history of a particular brand to different ingredients. It will surely make you a beer expert and earn the respect from your buddies.

Best Beer App

Top Apps For Beer Lover  – Know More About It


This app has been there for every beer lover to explore and best choices of beer around. This app lets you find places with beer and events that beer lovers always look for. It even lets you get popular and get badges for trying out beers. You can even check for places your friends go to and even plan together through the app.

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In one you can call it Beer Social Media, where you interact over beer. You can even rate beers and let other know about your taste. Best thing it’s free and always has something to interest the beer lovers. Get the app here and enjoy your beer more responsibly and with great fun with your pals.

Happy Hours

Every beer lover will always want some great discount on their drinks. What is better than having happy hours where you can party hard without worrying about your pocket. This app is the best place to get the best deals next time you plan for a drink. Get the best deals from all bars and restaurants around you.

The best thing is the app is free and provides good access to best deals in town. Over 100 cities in this list you can surely find the best place to hangout. However the app is not bug free with few times location accuracy is not perfect as pointed by few users. Although you can scroll a little and you can get to places near you. Given the app is free, you can try it here.

BJCP Beer Style

This app is perfect to enhance your knowledge about your favorite drink that we all love. Get the detailed insight of the bottle of beer that you purchased. Get certified by the BJCP standards and impress your pals with the acquired knowledge. This app is great and help you to be the master in knowing about the drink that is loved by people all over the world.

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This app is free to download and provides authentic knowledge about the best beers. Get the history behind the drinks and various aromas that it possesses. This app has copyright permission to include information by BJCP. Every beer has different flavors and texture; it is not just a drink but a masterpiece of brewers. Download the app here and know the drink better.


This app is simple and works flawlessly to provide you best suggestion about what on list. Find locations that serve you the best drinks at local bars and breweries. Moreover you can enjoy the drink at your best restaurant and enjoy your evening. It gives you suggestions for places that serve your favorite drinks including wines and other drinks.

No need to hunt for the location that serves your favorite drink with great ambience. You can also get updates for bars when they update your favorite drink. A definite recommended app you must have to find best breweries and local bars in town for free.


This is a great app if you are sometimes looking what to pair with your drink. Great food always enhances your drinking experience and this app does exactly that. All the dishes are suggested by experts that help you have the best taste. All the recommendations have user ratings that give you an idea about other’s views.

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A perfect app to have with you to pair the perfect food with the drink for your taste buds to relish. The app is free to download and provide you the best suggestions for dishes from best restaurants and bars. Download it here and enjoy your drink in a more enhanced manner.

Be sure to try this very useful app for all beer lovers out there to have perfect drinking experience. Let us know the best app that made you an expert in the comments below.