In iOS 10, Messages gets a comprehensive overhaul and its own App Store, starting with apps, games and stickers that can be used in iMessage chats without requiring to leave the Messages app. Here are some of the best Messages App Store downloads.


Music, despite a stock iMessage app, grants users with the capability to share their favourite songs and albums without even having to neglect the Messages app, and is surely one that we’ve been constantly using since updating our iPhones to iOS 10.

It’s the identical story for the beneficiary too, as all songs and albums sent via iMessage can be admitted to directly in the Messages app, with no obligation to launch the Music app. You can download this app Here


Tenor, creators of one of the first GIF keyboards accompanying the launch of iOS 8, has combined iMessage support to its app. What does this produce? Instead of changing to a Tenor keyboard, you can solely browse from a collection of GIFs from within the Messages app – but that’s not all.

You can hunt for specific GIFs using keywords, and can even generate your own without having to leave the app. You can download this app Here

Grammar Snob

While the bulk of sticker packs on the App Store are reasonably restricted in use (When are we ever going to post a sticker of a shark from Starving Shark Planet? C’mon), Grammar Snob is one of our beloved sticker packs for iOS 10. If you love to fix grammar and typos on Twitter, Facebook and the same, you’ll prefer Grammar Snob, as it enables you to correct grammar inside the Messages app. The app equips you with a number of hand-written stickers to connect to any incoming message – just strip it off and drop it onto the message to humiliate your friend. You can download this app Here


Everyone has that person on their Facebook or Twitter that constantly posts when they’re heading to the gym, or when they’ve just left for a run. The rest of us don’t understand why they do it, but they do. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be pleased to appreciate that Runtastic has launched a Messages app for iOS 10. But what does it do? Well, download it and explore the app to know what it’s up to. You can download this app Here

Truth Truth Lie

While GIF browsers and public transportation apps are moderately handy extensions to Messages in iOS 10, the app actually comes into its own when striking a game. Take Truth Truth Lie for instance – it’s a game that many of us played turning up, but presently in the form of an app, and can support to smash the ice with new friends. You can download this app Here

Words with Friends

Words with Friends took apart in a way that nobody assumed, with what seemed like the whole world going insane for the app when it first originated. As with many apps, reputation died down after a while, but the Words with Friends app seems to be back with its new iOS 10 Messages app. The crossword match can now be played straight within the Messages app, and users can play without requiring to log into Facebook. You can download this app Here

Four in a Row

Four in a row is one of the most iconic games of all season and has been induced into the 21st century via the new Messages app for iOS 10 users. Extremely like with the official game, users need be the first to combine four of their boards in a row, pitting supporters against each other in a conflict of the mind without even requiring to leave the Messages app. It’s fairly essential but should pass the time for those that desire to play a game in the Messages app. You can download this app Here


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