Are you looking for the best photo editing software? Look no further. Today we going to share a bunch of tool that you can consider as a best photo editing software of 2017 both in Windows and Mac OS.

Photo editing is no longer a turf for professional photographers. Everyone owns a camera these days, all credit to smartphone manufacturers. Unfortunately, we all don’t take perfect shots- meaning we require to edit images from time to time. Depending on your level of expertise, there is a photo editing software that will suit your needs.

Photo Editing Software

What to look for in photo editing software?

The best photo editing software for a professional is not necessarily the best for an amateur. Most of us are casual snap takers, and our interest is basic photo editing, cropping, rotating, and filter effects are sufficient. Amateur and novice photographers are looking for software that will improve their shots but still are not familiar with all the photo editing tools.

There are things you should consider in photo editing software;

  • The photo editing tools you need- It is not necessary buying sophisticated software if you do not need complex image manipulation
  • The cost- some are free while most are paid. Are you willing to spend on photo editing software?
  • Social media integration- sharing is the way of life these days. Consider apps that allow direct sharing of images.
  • Support- if you are an amateur photographer find software that comes with tutorials.
  • Organization and storage- after editing the photos, where do you store them? Also, can you easily find images when using the software? Most photo editing software these days have cloud storage.

The best photo editing software

With the needs of different levels of photography in mind, we have reviewed the best photo editing software in each category.

1. Google Photos- best free photo editing software

Google Photos offers photographers unlimited storage space for images. Of course, it does not have sophisticated editing tools, but the advantage here is access to the photos on any device since it is a multiplatform service. To edit a photo, push the pencil icon. The editing features it offer include cropping, and rotating pictures, application of Instagram filters, light and brightness changing, and pop controls.


  • Multi-platform service
  • Unlimited storage
  • You can share images on social media directly from the app


  • Basic editing tools- nothing professional

2. Adobe Photoshop CC- best photo editing software for professionals

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC goes above and beyond in photo editing and manipulation. It has sophisticated image editing features, which is why it is best suited for professional or photography enthusiasts. In the latest version, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, the developers have added a getting started guide, which is a big help for beginners. It is packed with drawing and font tools. It is a powerful raw image editor that allows image in-correction and effects. You can add and remove objects, and the content-aware crop feature is fantastic.


  • Excellent tools for complete image manipulation
  • Content-aware editing
  • Camera shake effect reduction


  • Rather expensive- costs $9.99 per month with very pricey subscription assets
  • Requires a powerful PC or Mac

3. Corel Paintshop Pro X9- best cheap photo editing software

Corel Paintshop Pro has long been considered the best affordable alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop CC. Paintshop Pro is packed with image editing features, which suit professional, enthusiasts and amateurs. These features, such as layer-based editing, and content aware image manipulation match Photoshop CC. The newest version, Paintshop Pro X9, came with some new functions that are not present in Adobe Photoshop. These features include XDM depth-enabled photos support, keyword tagging, and face recognition.


  • Excellent photo editing tools
  • Cheaper than Photoshop- only $79.99 with no need for monthly subscriptions
  • Easy installation


  • Cluttered user interface

4. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15- best photo editing software for enthusiasts

Adobe Photoshop Elements creates a balance between professional photo editing tools and basic photo editing tools. It doubles up as an image organizer and photo editing tools with sufficient features. The newest version, Elements 15 introduces a tagging system for easier image organization, adjustable facial features- an essential tool for portrait photography, and comes with guided edits. The guided edits benefit those users who are not so familiar with some of Photoshop features. Adobe Elements definitely has all the elements you need.


  • Almost all Photoshop features
  • No monthly subscriptions- costs $99.99
  • 30-day free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Helpful guides
  • Facebook integration


  • A little slow
  • Occupies too much disk space, almost 2 GB

5. GIMP- best open source photo editing software

GIMP- best open source photo editing software

GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a freely distributed open source photo editing software. It is a deserving image editor as it now packs most of Photoshop’s features. It is available on OS X, Windows and Linux. Its user interface is close to Adobe Photoshop’s. The major miss here is the lack of a text tool. Fortunately, GIMP has a plug-ins store, with plugins that will replace most of the missing features. The developers are always adding more plugins, though some plugins are not free.


  • Completely free
  • Sufficient image editing features
  • Constant updates from the wide array of developers


  • Could be complicated for beginners
  • Plugins required to match Photoshop’s features

Whether photography is a hobby or your career, you need photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop CC is the world leader in this category, but other services such as Corel’s Paintshop Pro are worthy opponents.

Which is your best photo editing software? Drop your opinions in the comments’ section.