Sat nav technology has relocated to your pocket and your dashboard. Before you take that long road journey, you’ll crave to make sure you have one of the excellent apps to guide you there downloaded. We round up the selected navigation apps for iPhone.

Google Maps

Along with Apple Maps, this is certainly the most used and most popular navigation app out there. Before Apple created its own app, Google Maps was on the iPhone from Day One in 2007 and remains to unite itself well with iPhones – but, there’s no way to set it as the default mapping app. You can download this app Here


Waze is a great alternative to Apple and Google, and its foremost draw is the community of users it has.If you’re a user, you are providing real-time traffic report to the app, as well provided the chance to manually notify certain road accidents, police cordons and other journey-ruining essences.

The app also allows you find out valuable things like where to get affordable fuel on your way or more standard celebrations like automated rerouting. If serving your fellow driver rather than screaming at them is your thing, then get on board with Waze. You can download this app Here


The Nokia-developed HERE isn’t the widely used navigation app in the UK by some way, but there’s purpose of feeling it should be. It claims offline navigation, which is great – you download maps for offline usage, as well as receive turn by turn directions and directions without an internet connection. This serves well and better than some competitors.

It’s also got a great journey planning celebration that you can even do on your PC to store onto your phone if you’re intending a big trip on a big screen. HERE is clearly a true road companion. You can download this app Here

CoPilot Premium

You might be imagining, why pay for a navigation app while there are free options? Good question, here’s the explanation: for drivers, it’s helpful and more reliable. If you use your iPhone for travel when driving, CoPilot Premium stores listed UK and Ireland maps on your device so you can still utilise it without a data connection.

There’s also a much more flexibility on offer. Traffic camera alerts, advanced junction views for precise instructions and real time traffic updates make this an app whose characteristics are more than the relatively simpler free alternatives. The quality of the roadmaps is more similar to those found on expensive in-dash systems. You can download this app Here


Navmii is another great option to the mainstream mapping and direction apps for iPhone. It gives voice-guided navigation so you can hold your eyes on the road at major points of your journey. It also has offline maps for those moments you deviate out of signal’s range.

It combines with other popular apps like TripAdvisor for guidance on where to eat and wait on the road, and has onboard OpenStreetMap maps that are saved on the phone – so if you go out of data, you might just not get misplaced after all. You can download this app Here


TomTom is trying to longer appropriate in the era of smartphone navigation and its mapping apps are really very decent indeed. You get heaps of characteristics, just as you do with TomTom sat nav devices.

Unfortunately, you require to cough up for a subscription to get an unlimited volume of travel and extras like live traffic updates, but once you’ve attempted it you might be satisfied – advanced path guidance and speed alerts are among its most valuable features. You can download this app Here

We have compiled some of the great Satellite navigation apps available on App Store. Hope you liked it. Don’t miss to give your valuable feedback in the comment section below.