Managing time and keeping on schedule can be a tough task in this busy world. Android has been very generous in providing you the opportunity to keep track of schedule. And that too in an intuitive manner that will not just keep you on track with time. But also manage your work schedule accordingly. You get all these in a stylish look and feel with options that not just look good but are very useful too. Using a calendar widget is the easiest and most convenient way of keeping things on time and managing a schedule.

Today let’s look at some of the best calendar widgets we have seen that cannot just keep track of days for your but do it in style.

Calendar Widget: Month

As the app says made with love, we do love this app for its simplicity. It is fast, responsive, nicely synced with the Google calendar and has reminder and to do lists too. Month supports over 80 widget themes to choose for the style of calendar you may like to have. In addition you even get the lunar calendar if that may sound interesting to you. It looks great with simple UI and material design. Download.

Business Calendar 2

business calendar 2As the name suggest it is a professional level calendar that has the ability to handle all your daily tasks. Add events, add to do list or even make notes to make important business calls. This app has the ability to keep track of everything you may need for running your business effectively. Be on time with the day, month or year view. It even has support for local and regional holidays so that you can plan your vacations well ahead without disrupting any business activity. Download.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

This is one of the best calendar apps that you can boast having on your device. It has very eye catching colors and layout that can make it easy for you to track your agenda. It has a very powerful outlay and beautifully designed widgets that looks appealing. Apart from looks this app provides you control over everything that you may want from a calendar. You get to set meetings, agendas, etc.; you even get notification for the same. In addition you manage invitations too with RSVP. Download.

Google Calendar

google calendarGoogle calendar is probably the most used calendar app on android devices. It is simply because that the app is simple, reliable and does the entire job that it needs to perform without any issue. Though it has simple layout and not much tweaks to change the layout. It performs the task better than most. You can create events, reminders and get notified for every such event including birthdays. Download.

Jorte Calendar & Organizer

jorte calendarThis is one of the most advanced calendar apps you can find for an android device. It has the ability to sync all your notes to show in a calendar view. In addition you can get all other usual stuffs like the event settings, scheduling tasks and many more. You can do all this using this free app and the intuitive design that is ease to use and navigate. Download.


This is a very colorful calendar app that can make things really simple for you to navigate. There are tons of features to play around with to give it a more personal touch. Like all other app on the list this app does same job allowing you to create events make agendas and get notified. All this for free and with a layout that is easy to use and has a feel good feeling to it. It also has usual widgets along with a 7 days floating widget for a better view of your events. Download.

New calendar

Not a feature rich app but has the ability to perform its task with ease and reliability. You get all options expected from a calendar app like creating reminders, scheduling tasks, etc. in addition you can add sticky notes, use voice alarm feature to remind you of events. It even supports sunrise, sunset, temperature and local holidays too. So that you are in control of your schedule better and plan effectively. Download.

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite app that you use the most.