PayTM is one of the most widely accepted payment method apart from cash. The success of PayTM largely depends on the fact that it made possible to use it as payment option. Many big stores and merchants today accept PayTM as a way of transaction. It even provided you with the many deals and offers to save some money on the payments. In addition, it makes it possible for the businesses to transfer money directly to their bank account.

This way it makes it possible for the users to use it directly using the QR code or even use phone number to transfer money directly. Just its needed the both parties to have PayTM and an active bank account connected and verified with the PayTM wallet.

How to make a payment using PayTM on local stores

Making a payment using the PayTM on local stores is easy just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the app and sign in, if you are not already.paytm homepage

Step 2: Make sure you have you bank account verified and associated with your wallet

Step 3: You can make a card payment directly or transfer money to your wallet to make a payment

Step 4: In the homepage of the app, choose the option ‘Pay’

Step 5: It will open up the QR scanner to scan the code at the store to payscan to pay

Step 6: You can even make a payment using the phone number of the merchant. Only need is that the merchant too have his bank account associated with the phone number

Step 7: Just type in the amount and write a remark

Step 8: And confirm the payment

Step 9: It will send a confirmation message on the phone confirming your payment

Step 10: The merchant will have the money instantly in his wallet, which he can transfer to his bank account later

Paying using the QR code and phone number is a very easy method to pay and instantly. Let me know in the comments if you face any trouble making any payment.