Vacations are fun time and also a confusing time as planning and arranging for a perfect vacation requires a lot of pre-planning. To make vacation memorable you need to plan the routes, lodging and transportation. All these are necessary objectives are to be taken care of before you set out on your voyage. To simplify your task and help you pan better, there are few apps that can come in handy.

But it gets tough to choose from all these great apps that does a fine job and help you in the aspect. However, we have made a list of the most helpful and popular apps that even professionals love. These apps will surely help you plan your trip better and make it a memorable one. Get the apps from the links below and plan your dream vacation with just few swipes and clicks on your android smartphone.

List Of Best Android App To Plan A Vacation


TripIt screenshot

A prefect travel partner with the features to provide you with full itinerary and even suggest you best possible routes. This app helps you to keep your itinerary synced with all your devices and can even share it. You can also share your itinerary with your friends and be connected and update any changes efficiently. Get it here and plan your next vacation better.


One of the most trusted app for it all in one feature and deals that are always a better option when you plan a trip. It also provides you with expert support and advices for a perfect vacation. You can book flights, trains and even cabs through the directly on the map and even get some good discounts time to time. Hotel booking will not be a confusing task as you can choose for wide range of hotels quickly and easily.

No need to worry for last minute cancellations, as this app provides you the opportunity to get free cancellations on many booking made through the app. The interface is simple and feature rich to help you with all your booking needs and planning. You can also book homestays for a homely vacation and if you want some adventure this app has got you covered. Download the app here.


Travelling to a new place? Worried of the hotel rooms? Don’t know what more can be done nearby? Want a restaurant of your taste nearby? These are the few questions that come in our mind every time we travel to a new place or city. We want the best possible experience in the city, but have to trust unknown people for advices or land in some nasty place. TripAdvisor is the app that gets you covered in all situations with real life reviews that are unbiased.

trip advisor app screenshot

You can check the ratings of the hotel you are planning your stay and be assured of the experience you can expect from the mouth of other travellers. You can even get insights of people who stayed and had the experience. Compare hotel and flights and book that are of the best value. You can even check out different restaurants based on your taste and check out the menus before getting there. Plan for exciting sports or activities nearby and get advices from travellers and experts on what more you can do on your trip. Get the advisor here and worry no more on your trips.

XE Currency

XE Currency

If you are travelling abroad currency conversion can be a point that needs your attention and planning. You will need a currency convertor app that is smart enough to update changes to you regularly. You can even track down currency rates offline and have the accurate conversion on your stay on a foreign land.

It even shows the highest and lowest rate and predicts for any change that may occur in the time. A handy app for every currency need with support for most currencies in the world. Download it here and travel tension free to nay foreign land.

So, next time you go on a trip do not forget to take these apps with you for a seamless travel experience. Let us know that best app you liked among these in the comments below.