Using PayTM has made life easier for people, as you are not required to carry cash or cards. You can very safely make any payment using the PayTM wallet and pay all kinds of bills quickly. With the acceptance of PayTM growing nationwide, you can pay for goods in the local markets too. Many brands have collaborated with PayTM to provide the users the opportunity to pay using PayTM other than cash or cards. To make things easily assessable for the customers and make it a easy transition from cash to wallet use, PayTM keeps user friendliness on their top priority.

Adding your ATM card for quicker checkouts and making payments can be a big benefit in many situations. You are no longer required to hunt for your card or recall the whole card number, simply add it to your wallet and make payments.

Here Are the Steps to Follow To Add Your Card to PayTM

Following are the steps you need to follow to add your ATM card to your PayTM for faster payments.

  • Step 1: Open you PayTM app
  • Step 2: Click on Profile paytm homepage
  • Step 3: Choose security and settingssetting menu paytm
  • Step 4: Click on Saved cardsadd card paytm
  • Step 5: There you will find option to ‘Add Card’, click on that. It will ask you o confirm that PayTM will add Re 1 to the wallet. Press okayallow to add re 1 paytm
  • Step 6: In the new window add all the necessary details: Card Number, CVV, Expiry Dateadd card details
  • Step 7: Select the option saying ‘save this card for future checkout’tick add for future payment
  • Step 8: Click on Pay Now
  • Step 9: It will ask for OTP send on your phone number
  • Step 10: Enter the OTP and confirm the transaction of Re. 1 to add the new card to your wallet.

After the transaction is successful, you will find your card added to your payment method for faster checkouts. Let us know in the comments below if you face any challenge in adding your card to PayTM.