Action games have been first choice for many gamers around the world on any platform for ages now. What makes action game more loved is the adrenaline rushing gaming experience and stunning graphics. With the advancements of android gaming and induction of high level graphics, action games have become truly a joy to play on android devices.

These games are always resource hungry and most of them would require quite decent specs for smooth gameplay. With so many games to play and choose for, it’s always difficult task to download these big games and try them all yourself. To make things simple, we have tested and handpicked few of the best games that you can download on your smartphone and enjoy.

Below we list down the top 10 android action games that we have tested and felt you must try once to get the essence of this genre.

Sniper 3D Assassin

Sniper 3D Assassin screenshot

This game has been loved my many experts and game lovers for its smooth gameplay and good graphics. The game is free to download and you can even play it offline just needs internet for few data download from time to time. Acquire lethal weapons and use it to perfect your aim and nail the headshot. Get the game here and enjoy this simple yet addictive game.

Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship battle is a very light game for those who don’t want any graphics intensive game but still love the action genre. Choose your helicopter with modern weapons and destroy targets using the guns and missiles. A very addictive game once you get the simple controls, there are many levels to play and enjoy casually. Download this game here.

Modern combat 5

screenshot modern combat 5

One of the best FPS games that has all elements of being a top choice for becoming an ultimate gaming experience on your device. With real battle like graphics and futuristic weapons it will give you the feel of being in a battle field. There are numerous modes including a multiplayer mode. Get this free game here and jump into the world of war and battles on your smartphone.

Dead Target

Zombies are taking over our world and it’s your duty to stop the waves of zombies using the best weapons at your hand. Kill those zombies, chop them off, blast them but do not let them get near you. This game is intense with 3d graphics and fun gameplay to enjoy thoroughly this free game on your android smartphone, get it here now.

Death Tour

If you loved death race and Frankstine, it’s your time to be the hero of the ultimate race and be the champion. It has some great graphics with real like damages and cars with weapons of destruction. You can customize your car with heavy weapons and take on the opponents and knock them out, download the game here.

Asphalt Xtreme

screenshot asphalt xtreme

A game that has been loved by many gamers and voted one of the best games on android is back with a new version that has more fun and excitement. With all the elements from the best game, xtreme comes with new off-road maps and more exciting stunts. Drive the monster vehicles in this adrenaline rushing racing game, download this here.


Yet another FPS that has been truly loved by many experts for its immersive experience and intense graphics. This game has perfect gameplay for action lover with tons of weapons, various maps, challenging environment and weapons of class. Download the game here and feel the rush.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 screenshot

A very addictive game with some interesting graphics being played in shadows using real martial art techniques. This game has very simple controls and tons of options to customize your fighter with weapons to beat players. Fight and defeat your way through the demon bosses and be the winner. Download the game here and be a master.

Gods of Rome

Call the gods, summon their powers, battle the demons and be the ruler defeating the devilish powers. This game has great graphics, awesome gameplay and powerful weapons that only gods carry. Download the game here and get the feel of being a roman God.

Dead Trigger

dead trigger screenshot

Another zombie game that has only one motive, Kill. You have weapons of mass killing at your disposal; you just need to kill all those approaching zombies. One of the best zombie games you can enjoy along with its new version. Get the older one here.

Download any of these from the links and let us know the one that you loved the most playing on your android device.