With the introduction of chromecast your TV has got smarter so as your viewing experience. Chromecast is used to stream any content from your android device aur other supported device directly to TV. So spending a dime on getting a smart TV has no benefit in the age of chromecast. Below are the apps that allow you to stream content directly from your android device to your TV having a chromecast.

Google Home

google home

This is the app that can help you control all your chromecast devices within single app. Coming from the makers of chromecast this app is designed specifically for chromecast. You can stream any content from your android device freely. Furthermore you can stream whole screen of your device on your TV enjoying games and contents on the bigger TV screen. It can control any chromecast device along with the Google Home can control almost every other thing inside your house. Download.


This app does what its name suggest, it stream contents from your device over to the TV. It supports all the major services like amazon fire or apple TV along with the chromecast. This app stream photos, videos and music from your android device directly to your TV. However you need to purchase the app or you will be restricted to only 5mins of streaming. Download.


bubbleupnp app

You can directly stream your local contents on android device directly through the servers to any device. It can stream contents from many sources that have the option to share and stream. The app is free to download and works very well in the job that is assigned to it. You can even stream contents from web or drives directly using this app. Download.


This app though not coming from any top developers has made it to favorite list of many uses. The main reason for it being the favorite is its user friendly interface and ease of usage. The app is very easy to use and has very good rating on playstore by users. It does its job decently of streaming contents directly to chromecast from your android device for free. Download.


ezcast app

Using this app you can stream your local phone contents as well as cloud contents directly from your android phone to your TV. To do this all you need is a chromecast device and EZCast to help you get all your contents on the larger screen TV. You can get remote free cross platform streaming of contents using this app. Download.


This one is another decent app that does its job very well. You can stream contents, manage playlists and even stream audio to any device. Using chromecast has never been easier with this apps intuitive design and ease of control. Stream contents over devices free and within no time using this app. It even supports YouTube videos for you to enjoy your favorite content directly from your android device to your TV through chromecast.

All Screen

Watch all your local phone content and other contents from drives on your streaming devices. This app has decent features for it to be a useful app to have. It can stream local photos, videos and other contents through chromecast or other streaming devices for free. You get all the features completely free and without any restriction on the usage of the apps functionality. Download.


As all other above apps this app does the same job of streaming contents over chromecast to your TV. You can easily cast your photos or video from your phone to chromecast on to your TV. The best part is you can also stream Facebook and Google+ videos and photos directly ib your TV using the app through chromecast. The app is free and is recommended by top experts for its functionality. Though new on the store this app shows promise. Download.


megacast app

This app promises to be one of the most powerful chromecast content player. To some extent it is true in its saying as it supports formats that chromecast normally does not support. It is powerful enough to stream any content from your device directly to your chromecast for free. Download.


Last app on the list in not a chromecast app but an app that supports chromecast. This app is included for its popularity of being one of the largest video sharing platforms. You can directly cast most of YouTube videos directly over your chromecast on to your TV. Download.

Let us know your favorite among these on the comments below.