Every now and then you might feel the need of something simple yet exciting to play around. Fighting games are great source of fun and excitement even being not so resource hungry. Fighting games are fun and easy to play that you can enjoy anywhere anytime. Best part is we provide you the best games that may satisfy your carving for action.

All of the listed games are free to download and are recommended after testing ourselves. Here are the top 10 fighting games we feel you must try on your android smartphone.

List Of Best Android Fighting Games That You Must Try

Eternity Warriors 2

eternity warriors screenshot

This game is a very intense fighting game that has all the elements of being a top notch game. The graphics are great and gameplay is very smooth and bug free. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can compete against fighters from around the globe. A great free to play game, you can download here.

Fists For Fighting

A fast paced fighter game with very good graphics better than others in this category. The game is more like a story based interface with comic style interactions. The game is simple and has 3D graphics for more real like effects. You have 13 fighters to choose and play using the combo actions. A perfect boxing game, get the game here and enjoy.


injustice screenshot

I guess this game needs no introduction for the popularity it has gained in the years. You can choose your favorite DC comics character and use its power to defeat your opponent. Every character is different with powers to make your hero stand out amongst the greats. With great graphics and free to play this is a top notch game you can play. Download it here.

Real Boxing

One of the best boxing games with intense graphics and unmatched gameplay. This game won’t disappoint you with quality gameplay more like high end consoles. One of the better gaming experiences on your android device. With easy controls and great finisher moves and be the king of the ring. Download it here today and be the champion.

Marvel Contest Of Champions

Be the hero of your choice with special power like the Hulk or the mighty Captain America. A simple one-on-one fighter game that has epic battle to play among the heroes. Build your own team of heroes with mighty powers and indulge in the epic battle. Intense action packed fighter with some very good graphics. Get the game here and enjoy the epic battle.

Real Steel Boxing Champions

real steel screenshot

Loved for its awesome gameplay and graphics that is one of the best in class. Build your own robot and battle it with others in the ring. The graphics are really impressing and has one of the best gameplay experiences. Download this great game here and build your steel hero.

Punch Boxing 3D

If you like something simple yet entertaining and exciting this is the best game to have. Has a simple control that is easy to master and land the perfect punches. Hit your opponent with jab, upper cuts and knock him out. Download the game here and enjoy the excitement of boxing on your smartphone.


brothers screenshot

If you watched the movie you know what it is about. There are fighters from various parts of the world including David and Monty. Choose any one of them and battle through the rounds. You can fight in various arenas or play in tournament mode to get the ultimate title. Get the game here.

Fighting Tiger

It is a simple fighter game where you fight for a motive and not simply fight battles. Your motive is to save your lover and your life. Always be careful in taking the right move as a single move can end your life. You don’t battle one opponent in a ring but opponents in one area to defeat all the enemies. Get the game here and save your love before it’s too late.

Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2 screeenshot

We really love this game and this game has featured in many of our lists earlier. This is because it has some addictive gameplay and an exciting back drop. Playing it is something different as in shadows. On the whole a definitely recommended game if you’re looking for something exciting and fighting game. Get the game here.

Let us know your favorite among the above games and the unique element that made you like a game among the others.