The world is getting smart, so is our way of parenting and teaching the young. Gone are the days when technology used to be a fear for parents. Now a days it been usual and helpful to parents to use technologies in parenting. Even App developers have created apps that make your toddlers learn while play. And the best part is that all of them are free and simple for your kids to get used to easily.

We have shortlisted few apps that are free and great source of entertainment for your little geniuses. These games are fun, free and have educational values. Get them from the links provided.

List of Free Android Apps for Toddlers

PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

PJ Masks Screenshots

PJ Masks has been kid’s favorite superhero cartoon for a long time. If your kids loved it, it’s back with a great learning game especially for kids. The game is based on simple missions like saving your friend or helping someone. So, your kids will learn values even while enjoying the game. The best part is it is ad free and totally free to download. Get it here. screenshot

It is not just a game but a total learning program for your toddler. Best suited for kids between the age group of 2-7 years. With tons of fun games and exercises that teach maths, English, science and many more. Download it here and worry no more for all home learning for your toddlers.

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Puzzingo screenshot

A widely popular title when it comes to toddlers and kids puzzles. This app has tons of puzzles that teach your kid new words everyday. A must have puzzle app for your young minds to be occupied and learn at same time. Get it now here.

Nighty Night – Bedtime Story

Nighty Night screenshot

Does your little ones love listening to bedtime stories before getting off to sleep? Then this app can be the best companion for your every night. Accompanied by a very soothing music in background your kids  will fall asleep soon. Download it here and never run out of stories.

Baby puzzles

Baby Puzzles screenshot

As it’s name says, it is designed for babies and toddlers to learn shapes and figures. It has many shapes, letters in forms of puzzles that kids need to match. It has a very simple interface and is designed for kids to understand shapes and match them. A puzzle game that is also a good exercise for the brain and develops motor skills in kids. Get it here

First Words for Baby

First words screenshot

Learn fast and fun using this app that makes the first learning a memorable one. First Words is perfect for such parents looking to make their kids learn through fun. It has professional pronunciation for words to make sure your kid learns right way. It is simple, interactive and professionally made for kids to learn in a fun way. Download here

Pooza – FREE Puzzles for Kids

Pooza screenshots

A cute game with a cute name that is specifically designed for toddlers and kids. The app has easy to use controls and puzzles in numbers that will keep them busy. Download it here and give your kids the perfect companion for their play time.

Kids Coloring Book

Kids coloring book screenshot

Do you remember your first coloring book and the love we had for it? This app does what is expected, provides your little artists with various things to put their imagination at race. Be ready for some green skies and yellow waters, kids love colors. Download it here and never run out of books to keep your little artist busy.

Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games

Nursery Rhymes screenshot

One of the most loved, recommended and awarded app for kids and toddlers. It has collection of 100s of rhymes, songs and games for your toddlers. It is perfect companion for pre-school learning and first introduction to fun learning. Get it here today.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids screenshot

Last but not the least, the best app for adults is now for kids too. YouTube doesn’t need any introduction and this new app is the best destination for everything that is kids. You must download it now from here.

Let me know your favorite app from the above, in comments that really made a difference in your efforts to teach your toddler in a fun way.