Money management is a much disciplined task that requires regular updating. It’s very natural to forget keeping check of your expenses in your busy schedule. But you must remember saving today is tomorrow’s wealth. You must have the habit of managing your funds so that at the end of the month you are not stuck in turmoil of debts.

As most people have a fixed earning, it’s advisable to keep track of the expenses they make within the period. And maintaining physical records of every expense is time taking and requires lot of hard work. You can use these free apps and manage your expenses with just few clicks.

Best Free Money Management Apps For Android User

Google Sheets

google sheets screenshot

Let’s start the list with something that is simple. This app is most like a spreadsheet app where you can enter every element. It simple, secure and coming from Google, so user experience is top notch here. It’s also helpful for people with habit of writing down expenses on paper. Just set of simple columns to enter all your expenses and keep track. Try this free app here.

Money Lover

money lover screenshot

A feature rich app does more than just recording your expenses. You can fix your budget, get reminders for bills, convert currencies, etc. Moreover it has sync options for your dropbox and Gmail if you have multiple devices. You can get pretty much all your monetary position at one place. Download this useful free app here.

Money Manager

money manager screenshot

An app that works on the accounting principles rather simply expense recording. You need to first enter your income and the app deducts from it on every expense recorded. Get a graphical view of your expense against your budget. Planning and maintaining personal budget can never be easier than this with this free app, get it today here.


mobills screenshot

A bill pays reminder and budget manager that works well in its promise. This app is simple and provide for easy tacking of all your expenses. Make a customize budget and keep track of the expenses within your budget to plan your financial health better. Download this free app here that is ad-free and simple to use.


Andro Money screenshot

This app is simple and does not boast of any fancy feature. It record transactions that you allow, and prepares a report based on it. It’d easy to use with simple controls and does it job quite well. Try this app here if you require minimum show and maximum help managing your budget.

My Finances

My finance screenshot

Every time we talk of finance, numbers are what come to our mind. However this app is a breather and allows a material design that is refreshing to the eyes. But that does not make it lesser favorite as the features are something you would definitely love. Though it takes some time to get it setup, but once done its pretty smart to get everything sorted easily. Get it here.

Finance Manager

Finance manger screenshotjpg

Use it as your mobile planner and finance organizer for all your monetary transactions. You can import your expense list from excel sheet or even export to manage on your PC. This app is very handy and provides for graphical representation of all the money transactions. You can even manage multiple accounts and protect your data using password. Download here.


Goodbudget screenshot

A decent app for its simplicity and the possibility of sharing from within the app. The app is designed following the material design and provides a great interface. You can track your financial transactions and expenses and even plan for savings. Overall a great budget app with good features for extra control over your money. Get the app here.


Mint screenshot

Mint has been a very popular app for money management task. This app is great for all your money management activities at one place. Get alerts for bill payments, get credit scores and build a healthy budget all using few clicks. Moreover you can be sure of all your money and records with its secure feature. Download the all in one money manager here.


Monefy screenshot

A money management app that has been trusted partner for many since its release. This app has all elements to be a top money manager with its fluid design. Select your currency, form a budget and record transactions with ease using this simple app. The app is free to download and offers functionality that will make you love it. Get the app here and be assured.

All the above apps are of great functionality and you must use anyone of them you like and find useful. Let us know your favorite among these in the comments below.