Android devices are smart in it and provide tons of customizations in-built. However, if you want to make the more out of your android device, these apps can be of help. All of the apps help you optimize and make your device further functional to suit your need specifically. Using apps can help you make your device run faster and perform tasks more efficiently and smoothly. Every user is different, with a distinct need of his own, android being an open platform can help you optimize device solely for your requirement.

Top 4 Apps to Optimize your Phone

We have combined the top 4 apps that we feel can be best for you to give a better-optimized experience.

Clean Cache

You might have noticed in your storage menu, cache taking up a chunk of space on your device. Cache is temporary files and can be removed from the memory to speed up the device and free up space. Using this cleaner makes it just a matter of a click to analyze the useless files to scarp them off. It is simple to use and can come in handy when you are looking to free up some quick space. You do not have to worry of losing any data from your device, as cache generally stores temporary data of apps and websites you visit.

Even when you uninstall apps, they leave behind junks that can be get rid of quick and easy using this app. It can help you optimize the performance of your device and clean useless files to make space for important ones. Download.

Booster & Power Saver

If you require a bit more of control over the apps that are running in the background to boost the speed. This app can of great help that allows you to analyze and clean up memory to speed up your device. It has tons of options and controls that sometimes look confusing, but get the job done. One of those apps, which can work on its own with simple taps, but digging dip, can get you confused.

You let the app do it works in controlling the app working and killing any app that takes up more space and resource. Manage your apps and get rid of power hungry apps that not just affects the battery but also slows down your phone. Download.

All-In-One Toolbox

As the name suggests it is na all in one app for controlling how your system operates. Works quite like the task manager in your PC. You can control every aspect of your android device and optimize it. kill the apps that are taking up lot of space or delete redundant files and junk files and many more. A very powerful tool with tons of features to control how the system should works for an optimized experience. It not just cleans files but also help you get a detailed idea and controls of how an app behaves.

You can customize the apps that auto starts and prevent the use of resource. What it does is makes you aware of the apps that take up much of the resource so that you can limit their functioning. It even cool down the CPU and boost battery for the best optimization. Download.

360 Security

One of the most downloaded apps, which has received many positive remarks of users over the years. An all round security app that can scan and alert you on every installation of apps. Protect your device using this active scanner that works well. It addresses all your privacy concern and even protects your device from being stolen with anti-theft feature. Not only these, it also has a powerful cleaner to boost up the memory. It can increase speed of the device by analyzing and cleaning junk files.

It even has app lock feature, which allows you to hide the apps that you want to keep private. Along with it, you can even hide pictures and private documents from being accessible without your permission. A very powerful security app overall with very useful features that can solve most security concern android users might have. Download.

This is our list for the most useful apps that can boost the performance of your android device. All of the above apps are free and gives you array of control over the functioning of your device. Let us know the app that you like the most from the above list that enhanced your experience.