Smartphone apps have taken over most of the traditional activities and that too with good results. Gone are days when you had to attend special classes and take up courses to train your brain. You can now do so with just your smartphone and few apps. These apps are developed after taking care of various aspects of learning process and cognitive skill development.

These apps give you the opportunity to test your mind and learn ways to develop your learning skills. In the daily routine of stress and work, we get less time for ourselves. This is where such apps can be very helpful to give you a break and even develop your cognitive skills.

Top 4 Apps to Train Your Brain on Android

Let us look at the best apps that can help you train your brain that too with simple games.


Develop your learning skills, memory and even calculation skills by using this simple yet powerful brain trainer. It has simple games designed specifically to develop the overall cognitive skills for you to be more productive. Concentration is one aspect that is very important for success in any kind field. This app can help you for the same with its expertly designed games. Keep track of your performance so that you know the areas where you need to put in more effort.

It has over 40 different types of games build to develop so that you are ready for any challenges that needs you decision. You even get a workout calendar to keep you at track with your progress and suggest changes that you can take. Download.


Peak was chosen the best app last year by Google for the productivity it has with minimal efforts. It has over 35 games that will test your memory, attention, calculation, problem solving ability and many more. It is designed in collaboration with people who know the mind and the way it behaves like the neuroscience and psychology experts. The best thing about this app is it can even work offline thus giving you more flexibility to use it anytime and anywhere without worrying for internet connectivity.

You even get your personal brain trainer to guide you with the best alternatives and exercises that can make your mind run like a supercharged computer. Just joking, but it can surely improve the cognitive skills and give you better chance to be productive in situations. Download.


As the name suggests this app, provide you with games and exercise for your brain. It has been said many times by scientist that brain is like a muscle that needs exercise to develop. This game is built with the motive to provide you exercises to grow your skills in problem solving abilities. Improve your memory, grow your attentiveness and develop your skill to solve any situations that come across.

It is scientifically made so the app has contents to give you better chance to grow brain’s power with the simple yet challenging tasks. You can keep track of the progress you have on the app and get more advanced with the simple fun games. This is a game that does not kill your time but rather make you intelligent in the meanwhile. Download.


This logical brain game is one of the best games to develop the logical reasoning abilities of your brain. It has set of games that are designed to test your memory skills along with the reflexes. A good little app to have on your phone to have a quick little session between work. Or you can causally have a go at this game to test your skills effectively. It is simple to play but the games are not so simple. As the games are mostly aimed at testing your reasoning and decision making skills.

It also has games that give you the opportunity to differentiate between colors and increase the speed of your judgments. It is free to play and has many little games that are both challenging and fun to play along with the ability to train you brain. Download.

Do try this games and I am sure you will start spending hours trying to improve your own score and get smarter. Let us know if you any of these interesting and benefiting.