If you are kinds of person who like to keep your mp3 organized this article is for you. Edit you songs album art and other tags like the artist name of even the lyrics. Using these apps you can get the job done very easily and make sure your songs have correct tags. These kinds of apps are for those who like to get all the correct info of a song each time you are playing your song.

Most of the time we take less care with the info tags of a song and just get the songs to our smartphone playlist. But keeping things organized and having a correct order can be very helpful when you are looking to search a song.

These are the top 4 apps that can help you edit the various tags of a song like the artist name, album cover, lyrics, genre or even the title of the songs for free.

Star Music Tag Editor

This app is simple and does all the job that you expect from the app. You get the options to modify the song title, artist name and other possible tags to make it appropriate. The best part is this little app is not for all but for people who love their music. You even get the option to modify the lyrics and add lyrics. For you to have songs with lyrics to show at time your songs play.

It is easy to use and provide a lot more control over the way the music actual shows. You get a lot for the free price tag and it is a handy app to keep your songs organized and the way you want. Download.

Automatic Tag Editor

Edit the wrong title of your favorite song or make a new album art that you like of your favorite artist. You can even edit the newer type of flaq files on your android device using this simple app. It is quite a difficult task to go through all the songs and edit tags manually. This app is here to get your job done easily and quickly by analyzing the mp3 editors.

It automatically scans your media library and provides you closest tags and hi resolution album arts to organize and make your songs look more appealing. It is free to use and it perform its task very well. Download.


Ever wanted to keep the exact name tags when you download your music files from your pc to your phone? This app will be very helpful for you as it can scan the exact tags that you copied from the pc automatically. So no more getting mess up with the ID tags and not taking the pain of changing each one of them manually.

The app has many things great and stands out delivering quality service at a free price. The only downside of the app is that it cannot access the files stored on SD Card. However the app has shown promise of regular updates and it can be expected this feature will be soon added. Download.


Similar to the other apps in the list this app has the options to edit ID tags. You have the option to edit the song title, artist name and other ID tags. This app will help you get a better control over your music. And have a better organized feel each time you open you music player. Broken tags are frustrating when you are trying to locate a particular song from over 500 songs.

This app has some issues with few manufacturers that they have accepted themselves on their app description page. Mostly the problem persists in the Samsung phones and they are making development and solve the issue early. By the time you download you might expect an updated app with this issue addressed. You can easily forgive these little hiccups as it is totally free app. Download.

With all these apps you get the opportunity to edit the ID tags. You don’t have to face the irritating issues of broken or missing tags. You can even make your music playlist look more organized using these free apps.