Lot of things have changed from the way we used to do them in past. One such thing is the way we consume news. Now you can choose what to read rather reading what you have. Earlier we used to get our daily dose of news either from the newspapers or news channels airing scripted contents. Those days are past now, you have full control over what you want to read, from which source you want to read and the way you want to read. All this is possible due to the advancement of mobile technology and internet getting more accessible for mass audience.

Today we will look at some of the better apps that provide you the freedom to choose what you want to read and the way you want to read them. All of these apps are top rated by users on play store and is the worth the time and data you spend downloading them.

4. Google News and Weather

google news and weather app

The first one on the list is not a very advanced new app but it is one of the most used and reliable source for some quick updates. Not for advanced users who like to have more insights over topics, but a decent app that can satisfy most users out there. The best thing of this app is the layout and the ease of use that Google always prioritize while developing any app. The end user experience has made this app to feature in our list, featuring easy swipe controls to get to next news or even designing you own layout.

In nutshell, you get a more personalised, ease to access dashboard style feature for quick browsing through daily news update effortlessly. Furthermore, the icing on the cake being that the app is completely free to use and have regular updates. Download to check it out yourself.

3. Flipboard

flipboard news app

You probably know about this app if you are among those who prefer to read news on your smartphones rather usual newspaper. Having a great collection of stories from world’s greatest news agencies and publishers it boasts a very strong database of stories of every kind. With a very clean and intuitive layout, this would surely redefine the way you have been consuming news until now. You need to pick categories of your interest like politics, sports, cooking or anything you are interested in and get whole bunch of stories collected from authentic sources.

It sports a very clean UI in a magazine style layout to help you get your contents easily and quickly. Even if not all these features win your heart, you have the option to design your own layout for a more personalised news reading experience. Get it here.

2. News Republic

news republic app for news

Are you among those who like to be up to date with everything happening around the globe? Well, this news app can be the best supplement for your hunger for latest news. With a strong base of news source, you can sure of getting the most important happenings instantly and easily on the app. Moreover, if you are a kind of person who likes to be more informed of local news rather news around the globe, this app has got you covered with some of the best sources of local news available at your fingertips.

Get all the breaking news almost instantly just by installing this app on your android device. One of the best sources at their disposal this app belongs to the league of top-notch news apps in the market. You need to surely this app to know what exactly I mean when I say top-notch. Try it out here.

1. Feedly

feedly app for news

Not essentially a news app but this app is one of the best, feed readers available in the market. With this app, you can have pretty much everything that has content organised at one place. Be it YouTube, blogs, news websites, magazines or anything on those lines. You have the freedom to choose and organise every content source based on your preference within one simple intuitive layout. This app really impressed with the build and way it flies off with all the heavy tasks that you may assign it to perform. It is fast, easy to use and free for the best part. Download it here and enjoying reading.

Be sure to let me know you which of the above is your go to app for your daily news bite.