Android launchers are by far the best customization tool one can have on their phone. It can give your phone a newer look and keep it like new every time. There are many custom launchers that are really good and have decent functionality. You can opt from the following list of launchers that is combined after thorough testing. All of these launchers are fast, responsive and has tons of customization options to play around. You can get all of these great launchers for free and give your smartphone your unique touch and feel.

Below are the top 5 lollipop launchers that you can download presently for free.

List Of Best Android Lollipop Launchers

Nova Launcher

One of the most loved and recommended launcher by experts for its performance. It is fast, super responsive and has variety of options to customize anything and everything. You get the most loved icon pack of Nova that has one of best icons you can use on your device. In addition to it you get option to customize your app drawer.

Nova Launcher Screenshot

Not only all these but you various other options like infinite scroll, a customization widget drawer and scroll-able dock. One of the most feature packed launcher that you can find on the play-store for your lollipop running smartphone. It replaces the native launcher by backing up the apps so you don’t need to setup again. A sure recommendation for people for a powerful yet smooth launcher that is fast and responsive. Download.

C Launcher

This one is not limited to a launcher but a complete package of themes, wallpapers and more. An app that can take care of your every customization needs with speed and reliability. The launcher provides you many customization options along with free live wallpapers. Furthermore it has the most desired feature for hiding apps from app drawer.

C Launcher Screenshot

All in one launcher that even lets you create your own theme for more personal touch. Moreover it has an inbuilt cleaner option to let you clean junks by one tap. It also has a good collection of widgets to keep you updated along with smart notification counter. Download.

Arrow Launcher

Produced by one of the best software developers Microsoft, this launcher speaks for class. It is simple, elegant and very responsive. Created keeping in mind the user experience as well as saving the battery consumption. You can make the home screen personal to your liking by using the various customization options that the launcher has to offer.

Arrow Laucher Screenshot

It comes pre-loaded with bing wallpaper of the day feature that gives a new and fresh look to your device each day automatically. It is very smooth on the android platform though coming from rivals Microsoft. This launcher is voted one of smart and minimalistic launcher that can simply make you fall in love with it. Download.

Hola Launcher

If you happen to be a custom launcher fan, then you might be using it or have heard of it. Hola is one of the launchers that have held up its top place for years for its performance. Built to keep your phone snappy and fast, this launcher is really smooth to use. It rarely lags and is light on the device resources as it is very small and very expertly made.

Hola Launcher Screenshot

But that doesn’t take away any single point from its feature list. It has a very strong feature list with options to hide apps, app lock, battery monitor, charging monitor and so on. Not just it makes your device look great but also provide ample options to manage apps, boost RAM and even monitor battery performance. With its omni swipe feature you can visit other apps without even visiting your home screen. Download.

Google Now Launcher

This is for those who want a minimalist launcher with stock android feel. Not much bloats to slow down the operations or create a chaos. This launcher is by far the snappiest and minimalist launcher you can get for your smartphone. It gives you the real android feel that Google actually want android users to experience.

Google Now Launcher Screenshot

But don’t vote it down in the features section as it has all the necessary options to keep you loving it. You get Google cards swiping from right in your home screen along with app search and Google assistant. Furthermore you get a neat app drawer with A-Z sorting of apps and suggestion based on your usage. Download.

Let us know in the comments below which of the following launcher are you using and why you love it.