Artists always need a tool that can make them more productive. Won’t it be great if you can use your smartphone to create the next masterpiece? There are many apps that can help you with your work and provide you tools to create something smart. All these apps are free to download on your smartphone and get creative.

To find the best apps for your creative work we have listed the best artistic apps. Turn your smartphone into your canvas and draw or record your song. You smartphone is smart enough to give you the all options to be creative. Download the apps from the links and always have your canvas with you.

Best Android Apps For Creative Artist

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop has been one of the best editors that is loved by experts. This professional app has its mobile version that comes with all pro features within palm of your hands. It has support for editing RAW files that every professional desire. This makes it super handy app to have for you to edit on the go.

photoshop express screenshot

A great tool for professional photographers to have in their pocket. It works great with its PC counterpart that makes it more useful for some last minute adjustments. You can pretty do all pro stuffs like removal of spots, red eye, color toning, hue correction and all the stuffs. Get the app here and edit seamlessly. There are Photoshop tools too that you can check out here for a complete mobile editing package.


This app is for them who love sketching and require something smart. This app has all features letting you draw using various brushes and pens. A good companion for people love doing sketch work where having pen and paper is not possible. You can professional tools that can help you enjoy your hobby on your smartphone.

screenshot SketchBook

The touch sensitivity is very accurate for all your strokes. A perfect app for professional looking sketches that you can directly share with your followers from smartphone. A lot of layers and blending options to play around to get the perfect sketch. Download it here.

Music Maker JAM

Music is loved by almost everyone and this app is best for them who want to take it seriously. This app allows you to record your own song, mix tracks, include loops and make remixes. You get studio quality equalizers, loop and controls to give you that professional touch. Be your own music director and create your own track with simple controls.

Music Maker screenshot

This is fun and has professional quality tools to practice your next concert or record your own song for sharing. You can directly upload to the soundcloud or other social media to share your creation. It not just an app but a community of music lovers and professionals, join them in the mobile studio. Get the app here and have your own recording studio.

edjing Mix

Yes this app is for the DJs out there who want power without heavy equipment. This app provides professional quality controls and mixing options for perfect mix. Reimagine what more your smartphone can do with this expert djing tool. The controls are simple and have all options for including the various loops, merging track and all those pro stuffs.

edjing screenshot

With tons of options and thousands of tracks you can start a party anywhere. All you need is to download the app and get ready for the party. This portable DJ tool is powerful enough for all the professional mixing. Best thing is you get such professional tool in your pocket without compromising on the quality. Download the perfect party partner here and have a blast anywhere anytime.


We all love YouTube and if you are like me you might be spending a lot of time there. This platform has become so popular that people have taken up this as career. An artist wants audience and YouTube gives you the opportunity to show your talent to the whole world. And the best thing is you don’t need to pay anything to show your talent.

Youtube screenshot

A great place for young and pro artists to show things they are good at doing. And you can also get direct reactions from your audiences that make you be a better artist each day. Anyone with talent can just shoot a video and get yourself heard and loved. This is prefect platform for creators and artists. Download one of the best apps on play store here.

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