Spam calls and calls from unknown callers are really irritating and frustrating. It is very difficult to sort out the calls that are from spammers or from real callers. Especially now a days tele-marketing has seen a boom making it best practice for marketers to call and attract customers. You may be busy doing some important task and suddenly you get a call selling you some insurance policy. Nothing can be as irritating as picking up these calls and getting to hear the usual marketing tone from the other hand.

Best feature of having a smartphone is you can use various apps to sort out the callers. You can get many apps that will help you filter out the calls from spammers and advertisers. Below is the list of the top 7 apps that we feel are the best in blocking and filtering calls from spammers and unknown callers whom you really don’t want to talk.

List Of Best Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and Texts

Here is the list of top 7 calls and SMS blocker apps on android devices that you must have.


This one is the king of caller ID and call blocker apps on the market. It is fast, reliable and has one of the largest databases of spam and tele callers. Any unknown call if detected as spam or tele-marketer it automatically blocks the calls. You can even set up your profile to be identified by your callers to let them know what you want them to know. It also provide a caller tag and score to a number if one if identified as spam by other users on the network to let you in advance about your caller. It has real time caller ID to provide real time update once any caller calls you. Download.

Calls Blacklist

This app is very effective in blocking calls from unknown and spam callers to help you keep away from distractions. This app is light and very effective in sorting out tele-marketing calls as most of these calls have same prefixed number. You can sort out the SMS using the alpha numeric filter to sort out the numbers that are mostly used by tele-marketers and advertisers. This app is free to download and a very useful app to block calls and SMS. Download.

Call Blocker Free

This app has all features to be an important app for you to filter out unwanted calls and SMS. The app is free and has simple UI to filter calls based on numbers and even identify spam calls. Many new scams like the one ring spam can be easily identified and blocked to prevent you from getting scammed. You eve have whitelist that keep you available for taking the important calls by notification. Download.


A smart and useful call blocker that filters out calls those are supposed to be spam and advertisements. You sends the tele-marketers and spam callers a voicemail saying you are not available automatically. It even has a database of spam callers and tele-marketers that is updated regularly by other users. Get notification once a spam call is detected and even does a reverse phone lookup to identify if a caller is genuine or spam. Download.

Mr. Number

This free app has the elements to be a top app for blocking calls and SMS from unwanted and spammers. The database is strong and updated regularly to provide best control over the unwanted calls. You can block calls from any particular contact or an area code or the world as promised by the app. It is smart enough to scan the list of your calls and contacts to analyze if any caller is known to you or are spam callers. Download the app and control all your calls.

All of these apps are great and function flawlessly blocking spam calls so that you are not bothered with useless calls. Most of the above apps have databases of spam numbers to keep you safe from the spam callers and marketers. Be sure to download any of these apps so that you can filter the calls that you need to take and leave the unwanted calls.

Let us know which of the above apps helped to block the unwanted calls and keep you safe from spams.