It is always an uncomfortable situation when you feel your android device missing. Many times it is placed somewhere in the house but gets hard to track it down. Or it is possible you are the party at your friend’s place but in midst of the chaos it’s usual to lose your phone. If you have faced same situation this article will be of great help for you. Today we will look at the top apps that can help you track your android phone and even some kind of alarm to find your device easily. With these apps you can be sure of getting back your phone each time you place it somewhere and find it difficult to remember.

These are the top 5 apps that can help you track down your device and even make noise to let you know it’s where about.

Android Device Manager

This is the best app when it comes at tracking any android device accurately. Developed by Google this app does all the tasks that are intended from the app. You get exact location of your device on Google Maps with great accuracy. This app runs in background and has minimum interaction with the functioning of the device.

You don’t even need any different ID, just use your Google account that you might be already using on your android device. It also provides you the option to erase your data if you suspect your data can be mishandled. You can even ring your device too to locate it if still lying in your home somewhere. Download.

Find My Phone

Find My iPhone is one of the most trusted apps when it comes to phone tracking. You get the same quality and accuracy on your android device. It has a very good GPS tracking map that keeps track of your android device every time it changes place. You can locate and retrieve you device very easily using this app. The best part is, it is completely free to use and pretty useful in situations where you feel you have lost your device somewhere. Just install the app on your device and others you care so that you always have track of their where about. It is easy to use and secure with pin. Download.

Wheres My Droid

This app is very strong in its feature list and even while in action. You get tracking of your android device using GPS. Get all the location directly on the map based on the GPS location. It is easy to use and comes with advanced security features. You can even activate the tracking using text message and get the exact location using the carrier data.

With this app you can be sure of getting every bit of update even when the SIM card is changed and the number is changed. You get password protection so that no unauthorized person can use the app or change the settings of the app. The pro version comes with further more feature like taking picture of the intruder, wiping data,etc. Download.

Prey Anti Theft

This is another app on the lines if the android device manager and has most of the features of the former. You get the most of the features you get with the android device manager and some added features too. With this app you can even collect the network information of your device to know where it travelled to. Users have really loved this app over time and there have been many recovery cases too to cement their promise. You can even lock down your device or decide to play a loud alarm to alert people nearby or locate if it’s inside your house. Download.

Mobile Security & Antivirus

This app is however not just a phone tracker but a total security app for your device. Developed by avast, one of the top makes of antivirus software. They have brought the added feature of even tracking your phone using the app. You have the anti-theft feature to allow you have the option to lock down device by sending text codes. Although a bit heavy app compared to others in the list. This app feature in the list due to the trust and faith people always have on avast. Download.

Let us know the app you liked the most among these apps that helped you track down your device.