Android wearable market has seen a downfall in the recent times. The main reason might be that one intends to use a wearable for a long time rather changing frequently. This means, if you desire to keep your wearable productive, you can take help of various useful apps. With android 2.0 update you have a tons of more choices on the playstore to get more from your smart watch.

Smart wearable are made to make things easier for you without having to each time reach for your smartphone. What these apps does is make the wearable more useful for you, apart from the inbuilt abilities they posses.

List Of Best Apps You Must Have For Your Android Wearable

These five top apps can add to the functionality of your wearable.


todoist appThis is a simple to-do-list app, to keep track of your schedule and tasks you have in hand for the day. All these directly on your smart watch without having to get your smartphone out each time. A must have app for your android wearable to keep you updated with things you need to do.

It also has support for Google drive for you to synchronize your calendar events and meeting directly on the app. With smart notification, Google now support you get everything on your wrist with ease. Download.


strava fitness tracker appThis app is very popular among fitness enthusiastic to track the runs and cycling activities. Most android wearable and fitness trackers comes with a built in GPS tracker to help track your activities. In addition, if your wearable has a heart rate monitor, you get a more detailed track of calories you burnt and all other such stuff.

Loved by runners for the ability to measure all your activities and upload them for you to keep yourself with your fitness goals. Get your monthly challenges to force you work harder and achieve higher fitness goals. Download.

Foursquare City Guide

With this city guide on your wrists explore places of interest in the city fast and easy. With this app, you can get to the best restaurant in the city quick and easy. You can get recommendations and reviews before setting out for the location. It is easy to use on your android wear with simple swipes and touches. Get to the place you are looking for easily and quickly.

Find exactly what that you are looking for directly on your wrist fast. We loved this app while testing with however little hiccups sometimes. The battery usage being an issue as it uses GPA for gathering the info. Get here.

Stellio Music Player

stellio music playerHaving a music player is must on any android wearable as it gives you the option to control music on the go. Supports almost every possible format you can think of for your music files, this player is fast. It has smooth navigation and has a 12 band equalizer too for better control on your music playback.

It has support for android wear to give you control over the music playback, skipping tracks, going through the playlist conveniently and easily using your android wear. Apart from the features, we really liked the look of it with bright colors that change the theme based on the album art. A decent player to have on your android wear, get it here.


One of the few apps that really excited us from the time we decided to test this app. This app is great for people looking to get more out of their smart watches but struggling to get the right apps. This app will let you customize the app with all the required actions that you want your watch as well as your smartphone to make.

Sounds confusing? However, it is not that confusing once you start using this app yourself. To give you a better idea, let us take an example of switching the Wi-Fi on while you are home and switching it off as you step out and connect to your mobile data.

You can make the app program itself to take such tasks on its own every time, without you having to do it manually every time. Though this app has shown few glitches in present time with different devices having latest android version, we hope the developers will get themselves upto date very soon. Check it out here.

Check the above apps if you own an android wear device and do not forget to let us know which among them you liked the most in the comments below.