Rooting has become a mainstream activity that many android user love to try. Although rooting is a risky job, android being an open source platform give you the opportunity to play a little more with your device. It is no more a brainer to root a device with so many tutorials and even manufacturers like Xioami and OnePlus supporting rooting of devices.

Rooting is widely practiced for the various added functionality a rooted android device has as compared to a usual device. Largely the availability of tons of third party specific apps for rooted devices that enhance the functionality of an android device.

Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Devices

These apps are top 5 apps that you must have after you have successfully rooted your device.

Lucky Patcher

lucky patcherThis is one of the most apps loved by advanced users to modify any android app. It is one of the must have apps to have control over the permissions and other aspects of an app. You can even edit and make changes to the system apps to make it more useful as per your need. It is indeed a cool app to have, with which you can have your own modified apk as per your need.

Sounds fun? Right, you need to have root access to use this app but it is worth it. It is not available on the Google play store, but here is the direct link to get this overly loved app on your rooted device. Lucky Patcher download


greenifyMost android device turns into a battery hungry monster after you have quite some apps on your device. Mostly this happens when apps run in background or the apps wake up the screen for notification. This app can help you control your batter hungry monster by looking into each app that is taking up the most power and making them hibernate.

Doing such can help you save the battery and analyze the culprits for your weaker battery life on your device. Though it is available for non-rooted users too, you need a rooted device to use all the functionality of it. Get it here.


viper4androidHave you ever wanted more control over the audio coming out from your device in a more advanced manner? XDA developers have answered your wish the Viper4Android app that gives you advanced over the way sound comes out of your device. You get all advanced controls like compressor, lossless audio, 4 channel convolver, usb /dock effect features, channel output and many more.

You can control even the way external devices like speakers and headphones interact with the audio output of your device. This is must have app for every audiophile out there for a listening experience like never before. Visit here to get the app from the XDA developer forum directly.


dumpsterThis is probably one of the most useful app one must even have on their non-rooted device. Dumpster is essentially is a recycle bin like app for your android that stores your deleted items before finally removing them from your device. How many times it has happened, you accidentally deleted a picture and later you need that one but all you try gets in vain. With root access, this app provides you to store even large videos and documents. On the non-rooted version, you can just store the pictures so you need a rooted device for the best functionality. You can get it directly from the app store here.


flashifyThis app will make your life easier each time you decide to flash a recovery image or a zip file. It’s really a irritable job each time enter into fastboot mode or recovery mode after switching off your device. This app solves this issue by providing you the opportunity to flash any file without turning your phone off. However, more advanced users prefer the use of adb and fastboot to flash files.

I advise if you are just beginning with the rooting and flashing process prefer to use this tool. It makes things less complex and you can get the same result without going over tutorials in using adb unless you are an advanced user having knowledge about these geek stuffs. Check this app out on the playstore here.

Rooting is always a risk task as you may end up bricking your device. So before you get into the process get a little backup knowledge and check your warranty terms. If you have succeeded in rooting then these apps will be surely worth it. Let us know your favorite and any other app that you found useful for your android device.