Smartphones are really smart that can even help you in your professional works. No more going to shops or internet cafes to get your documents scanned. You can scan any document like the business cards quickly on your device on the go. You can use these powerful tools to scan documents with just your smartphone camera.

To help you to be more productive with your smartphone use these simple scanner apps. These apps will adjust, resize, scan and make perfect copy of business cards to be shared. We have listed down the 5 best scanners that you must have on your smartphone.

Best Apps To Scan Business Cards on Android Device


CamCard screenshot

A free scanner app that has the ability to scan and share documents anywhere. A must have app if you need to keep record of tons of business contacts. It scans the business card and stores the information as contact and even allows you to put notes. You can track your contacts on maps, share the contact with people nearby and do much more.

This app is built for sales people to have all their contacts at one place. It even alerts you if there is any update of the contact to always be in touch with your clients. You can manage your contact in various languages too providing more flexibility. Furthermore if you are looking more info on your new client, this app allows searching companies from the app itself. Get the app here and keep all your contacts safe and organized.

Office Lens

Every business professionally truly depends on Microsoft for its office software. This app coming from the most trusted developer is on the line with productivity. This app lets you scan documents, store them in clouds, or take note on OneNote. Capture the business cards or the contract documents and share it safely with your team. With this app never worry to lose your important documents as you can always store on OneDrive.

Office-Lens screenshot

If productivity is your motive in your professional field this can be the best app to have. Moreover you just not scan documents as image but convert them into PDF, word or even ppt files. With integration with other Microsoft office software this app is a perfect business partner. Get the app here and get one of the best productive app you can have on your phone.


CamScanner screenshot

This app has been one of the best productivity apps that many business people swear by. This is simple and yet powerful enough to handle all your scanning needs. You can scan pretty much anything from business cards to whiteboards. Furthermore, you can save the scanned document as an image or PDF to share it easily. You can even print directly from the app through any nearby printer.

screenshot CamScanner

It always beneficial to protect your business documents and thus this app comes with password protection. The best part is you can share documents with passwords so that only intended user can access. You can even get all your business cards from the camscanner website and access all your documents. A must have app, get it here and get more productive.


This app is another scanner app that does its intended task very well. You can scan the business cards and the app automatically builds contact based on it. Furthermore you can easily share your contacts using outlook or Gmail. An easy to use card scanner to build your contact list automatically without manual data entry.

cardtocontact screenshot

This app is simple and shows promise to be a good companion for being a free card scanner you may need. Moreover this app is free and has all the features that can help you in your business errands. Even you can label cards and search the cards in your contact quickly. Download the app here and get your scanner on your android smartphone.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner screenshot

Tiny Scanner is one of the lightest and simplest scanner apps that you will find for your document scanning. This app has great built in feature and controls to adjust you’re setting perfectly. The scanner can scan various documents from black and white to color documents. You can even set the brightness and the contrast for better result.

Get the app here and get your pocket sized ultimate scanner that is fast. This app is tiny but is really one of the smoothest we tried. Moreover it is free and requires very little settings to get the prefect scanned documents.

Get these apps and be more productive with your android smartphone. Be sure to let us know the one that you found most helpful in the comments below.