Streaming music is one of the aspects that have been used by users a lot these days. There are various apps that help you stream music from all over the world. Best way to listen music on your smartphones is to directly stream than save it offline. You don’t have to store all music on your device but get music anytime anywhere directly.

We have listed down few apps that can provide you the opportunity to stream music. Moreover the apps are free so you don’t need to spend anything to get your favorite music. No need to hunt for top trending songs as these apps shows you the best and keeps you updated automatically.

List Of Best Apps To Stream Music Directly On Your Smartphone


Spotify brought in the revolution to mobile music listening experience. This app is free and has collection one can never finish. You can even store your favorite tracks offline and play later. This app needs no recommendation as it is one of the best apps for music today. Be it rock or pop or classical or metal you have literally every kind of music available.

spotify screenshot

Get your own personalized playlist or listen to playlists sorted my mood. This app has everything for music lovers to fall in love with it. Spotify has reached the plethora of success in just few years owing to its best in class music experience. Although the app is not available in the subcontinents it is expected to come to other countries soon. You can get this app here.


Soundflip is a solid music app with tons and tons of songs to choose and play. You can never run out of music once you have this in your smartphone. Be it rock or metal or EDM or dance, there is music for everyone. Furthermore if you wish to keep track of your favorite music to play later, you can do that too by creating your own playlist.

songflip screenshot

All the songs are legally provided and are of high quality. In addition the app has a cool UI that is simple and colorful. The only downside is that, you cannot save music offline. Thus data consumption can be an issue for listeners. So it’s advisable to use it on WiFi to enjoy the huge collection without worrying about your data. You can download this app here.

TuneIN Radio

World’s largest radio app with over 100000 stations to enjoy music, sports, shows and many more. This app has the largest integration of radio stations from different parts of the globe. If you still have the nostalgic memory of radio before smartphones and iPods, this app if for you.

tuneIN radio screenshot

This app has all the elements of typical radio where you can tune in to your favorite station. Furthermore, this app is free and provides you unlimited access to tons of channels. Or you may even choose to get premium for live NBA, or sport commentaries. You can get it here.


Soundcloud is not a music app only rather a music sharing platform. Here you can find songs from famous artists as well as rising stars or even starters. This is one of the best apps that allow you a platform to show your talent and let the world hear you. If you can sing and sing well be sure this app can give you unexpected popularity.

soundcloud screenshot

One more thing that makes it an unique app is that it provides you contents that are exclusive and only on the platform. As various emerging stars look out for fame you can discover some great talents here and enrich your music listening experience. You can download the app here.


This app is not a typical music streaming app like other on the list. We have this bonus app that am sure everyone will love. It sorts out the biggest problem that you might have faced, switching between apps while using YouTube. Every time you switch apps YouTube stops playing music. This is where this app works wonders, allow you to play music while using other application.

DJiT screenshot

And the best thing is, the app is free to use and works really well. Having YouTube at its heart makes it one of the largest music libraries that you can find on any platform. Along with it you have options for few customizations too, to change the look and feel of the app. You can download the app from here and have the new way of watching YouTube using floating player.

Let us know your favorite player among these best apps in the comments below that kept you hooked for hours.