Technology is moving fast and getting advanced each day. And new smartphones are released every other week. To keep pace with the changing trends it most of change our phones quite frequently compared to few years earlier. Each time you change your device, comes a major task of transferring the data from old to the new device.

To make things complex, we have tons of data from pictures, videos to contacts to documents and other important files. Going through the usual way will take up a lot of your time and even may result in failure. For such situations there are many apps in the market that can transfer huge amount of data that also at a much faced rate wirelessly. Today we will be looking at the top 5 apps that can be best suited for you.

List Of Best Android Apps For Fast File Sharing


Shareit is one of the most popular file transfer apps that have trusted users including myself. It’s fast; it’s simple and is supported by all the mobile OS currently in the market. Not only between phones but you can even transfer large files from your PC too. Very smooth user experience with clean UI keeping things slim and functional.


Transfer rate are also very impressive as it uses the WiFi to connect to the other device. It works without internet creating a hotspot for sharing with option to prevent the other party for using your mobile data. Best part is, you can transfer files cross platform. So, no more worrying about data transfer if your switch to IOS from android or vice versa. Download


This is another popular customer famous for its user friendly design and functionality. Ever wanted the awesome game you played on your friend’s phone? Xender can help you get the app directly from your friend’s device. You don’t even have to worry for your data balance or anything to transfer large files.

Xender app

As most other apps on the list, this app uses the WiFi hotspot feature for connecting between devices and transfer files. You even get the file explorer option to browse through the received files and even create a backup. It has support for many languages and works flawlessly cross platform. Download

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere app

This instant file sharing apps is very useful for easy transfer of data between devices. It is very simple to use this app and transfer rate is quite fast. This app is gaining its importance among users giving them more options to share files. Be it music or videos you can send them any nearby device using the Wifi Direct without any network connections.

Although there can be little trouble while you share apps that do not comply the copyrights. Apart from this little point that you must remember this app is great. Overall this app works flawless and does the job decently. Download


If you need something more than just sharing files this is app for you. It does a lot more than just letting you transfer data and files remotely. The feature that attracted more attention is the ability to connect to 4 devices simultaneously. Now you can share files with all your friends instantly from your device nearby.

Zapya app

In addition to this you can even set up spying system using other devices in the range. This facility can help you keep track of the activities with creating a network with nearby devices. The features doesn’t end here, you can even send message offline to nearby devices. Furthermore, you can use QR codes to share files between devices adding to the safety of the devices. Download

CM Transfer

Developed by one of the major developers like the Clean Master, this app is slowly gaining its trusted users. Sending games and large videos can never be an issue with this app. This app shows a good review from the users and it does its job well. You can even share contacts and easily set up new devices within minutes.

CM Transfer app

A lot faster than the usual Bluetooth this app provides a great level of flexibility. Its free to use and has decent features to help you with options to share files remotely. With no barriers in sharing apps and files and high speed transfers makes this app a decent alternative to the above apps. Download

Don’t forget to let us know which app was best in terms of user experience and flexibility, in the comments below.