We mostly use our smartphones for consuming media and what’s better than movies. With high definition screens movies seems more amazing. It wouldn’t be great if you can watch movies on your smartphone. You can enjoy free movies on demand and always enjoy your favorite movies anywhere anytime.

We have made down list of the best apps that can give you best options to watch movies. You can get movies of your favorite genre and enjoy. Never get left out and always have something to keep you entertained. These apps will give you opportunity to get the best movies on your smartphone directly.

watch movie on smartphone

List Of Best Apps Watching Movies Right On Your Android Smartphone


This app has been in top list for its contents and movies on demand. You can get movies of various languages with top rated movies. Moreover many contents are free and can be enjoyed on your device anywhere. This app not only provides you latest movies but many TV serials and shows as well. And best thing is you have high quality contents related to ever entertainment genre you choose.

Apart from that you can also enjoy live matches anytime anywhere from premier league to UFEA. So, never miss out on any shows or matches when you can enjoy your favorite show or sport live or catch up directly from your device. In addition this app also provide you some offline storage options too if you get out of WiFi. Download the app here and have the portable TV with you.


If you haven’t heard of Netflix then you might be missing out on few best contents. Furthermore it is not just an app for movies or shows but is a platform that has its own shows. Not only that can get shows that are only telecasted on this platform and no where else. With thousands of shows and movies to enjoy, this app is must have.

You can get unlimited contents once you become the member of the service. Moreover you get free service for one month and after that you can choose any plan that suits your taste. The app is free to download and have lot of contents to be watched. You can download the app here, just a warning don’t get addicted.

Tubi TV

This one is like Netflix but is absolutely free without any subscription or so. You can enjoy any show and movies anytime with just an internet connection. The contents are free and carter to a wide range of genre. And this app is updated pretty regularly so you have fresh contents always to enjoy at your leisure time.

The free content is what makes it a top choice for having online contents and movies. Though there are commercials in between but they are less irritating then on Television. A definite app that can make you ditch your television and stick to it for all your entertainment needs. You can get this app from here and have the best entertainment partner with you everywhere.


This app is one of its kind that streams videos directly to your TV from the app. It has huge collection of great movies and shows to keep you busy. You just need to download this app and grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy alone or with family or friends. This app even lets you control your television through the app itself.

It free to download and must have of you don’t want to spend on chrome cast. The content lists are long with movies from different genre. You will surely find the one matching your taste from the wide range of movies and shows at offer. You can download this app here and enjoy contents on your smartphone or stream to a larger TV screen.

Free Movies

This app is simple and free that does what is intended, provide you free movies.Moreover, this app has tons of movies that you can choose from and enjoy at your peace. Their archive is huge and has contents that are legally distributed. So, no worrying about being part of delicacy or piracy and enjoy movies you like from authentic sources.

The movies are free and the app can stream it directly from the library of its huge collection. It connects to webpages and stream contents through the internet sources. You don’t even need an flash player to play the movies on your device. Though it has some stability issues the app is worth a shot. Try it out here and let us know your experience.

Be sure to let us know the best app that you enjoyed in the comments below.