With marshmallow updates being delivered with most devices now. It is indeed time to look for some interesting choices that can be a replacement for your usual launcher. Custom launcher popularity has been growing lately and people have been opting for it in abundance. So it is the best time to share suggestions for the best choices you have at present. Choosing a perfect launcher that is fast, responsive and lag free can be a tough task. It is especially when you have so many options to choose from and each one having its own set of benefits.

Today we will look at some of the top launchers that are great for your device and works flawlessly. You will surely not want a launcher that lags or slows down a device, the list is combined very carefully keeping in mind performance and features they provide.

List Of Best Android Marshmallow Launchers

CM Launcher 3D

This launcher for creative people who want their device to look different from everyone else. It comes with one of the biggest collection of wallpapers and themes to be applied. You also get 3D effect feature for you to have a smooth flowing 3D transition. Give the inner creator a run and try your hands on the tools it has for you to create a completely new look for your device.

CM 3D launcher

This launcher comes from one of the trusted app developers on android platform. I am pretty sure the customization options can keep you busy for long trying to get the perfect look. It is fast, secure and comes with features like App hide and battery saver options. We found this launcher is one of the lightest and takes up very little memory. Download.

Evie Launcher

This is quite a new name in the list but this app shows promise to be a good alternative. It is designed to give users the flexibility to get things quick and easy at their fingertips. The layout options are fresh looking and have a good tint to it. You can customize your app drawer and the widgets based on your needs and taste.

Evie launcher

It has a very intuitive design and tons of features to give the opportunity to be expressive. You even get the option to search and open apps directly, giving you the option to have full access to your apps anytime. Furthermore you can even have custom shortcuts for contacts, webpages or even your cab routes. A user centric launcher focused on functionality, get here.

Solo Launcher

If you are more of do it yourself person and like to customize everything your way. This is the launcher that you might have been waiting all these time. It has tons and tons of options from setting your own images as icons to changing the effect in the way you like.

Solo launcher

With the time with this launcher we found it to be responsive, fast but have some little hiccups sometimes. This is totally acceptable if you have a highly customized launcher. However it may vary with device, apart from that the app’s design and the gestures did make us like it on our device. Give it a try here.

APUS Launcher

This launcher has been on various top lists for its functionality and sophistication. Though having some heavy customization options this launcher is fast and snappy. Give your device a newer look with the tons of wallpapers and revamp the functionality with the widgets.

Apus launcher

We loved the functionality and the smoothness of the launcher. It rarely affected the device performance or the battery. Get full control over your device and get things you need easily accessible with the search option. On the whole the launcher did provide a lot of reason for us to use it on our devices and recommend. Download.

Smart Launcher 3

I am a personal fan of double tap and automatic screen off when placed on flat surface. It works flawlessly without getting hard on the processor and even on battery. Not only that you have app sorted by categories automatically. Tons of customizations and themes to give a fresh look to your device.

smart launcher

Furthermore you can hide apps and keep your files hidden for added security. Use it landscape or portrait, it adjust automatically to the screen orientation. Fast, smooth, has tons of customization and has support for all types of android devices. Download.

Let us know in the comments about your favorite launcher from the above list.