Tablet market has seen a downfall in the present years. However, for those who already own one like me, keeping your entertained will need some great games. There are many popular titles for android smartphones but not all are supported on tablets. Best news is that few of the top titles have tablet support and today we will look at them. These games play very well on tablets and provide an immersive gaming experience. Tablets are meant to be entertainment devices and gaming is an important aspect of having powerful tablets.

Top 5 Games that You Can Enjoy on Your Android Tablet

These are the top 5 games that you can play on your tablet and have a more immersive experience on a bigger screen.

Asphalt 8

asphalt 8If you know a little of android games then this games has to be the most popular high end game ever. However, many games have been popular, but the extreme graphics and intense game play is best expressed in this game. You seriously need a powerful device to run this power hungry game. Once you get it to run on your device, it is a very pleasing overall gaming experience to share on android platform. We highly recommend this game on your powerful android tablet to have a better experience on a larger screen as compared to a smartphone. Download.

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninjaThis very popular casual game title has been around for quite some time. More of a casual game to keep you busy for some time while becoming a Ninja. It is a very addictive game and you will find yourself spending a lot of time playing it. Fruits are thrown at you with speed and you have to cut them in half using the various blades. You get many powerful blades with special abilities to cut the fruits, but beware and do not cut through random bombs in between. We love this game for its simple interface and an enjoying arcade game play that will keep you busy. Download.

Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racingThis is another of those addictive games we love playing ourselves. A simple game based on the principle of gravity and motion. It is fun, challenging and requires a little of basic physics to make the best use of the theory of gravity and force. Not as complex it sounds, you need to drive a car with just accelerator and a brake up and down a hilly road. There are many cars and bumpy road where it needs to maintain the speed so that you don’t fall of the cliff. We really liked this game on our tablet enjoying the simple and addictive game with good graphics. Download.

Dr. Driving

Dr. DrivingThis one game was my personal favorite and quite helpful too in perfecting my braking. A real car simulator game that can get you busy for quite some hours trying to nail the turns. The developers have put in hard work to make this game simple yet very challenging. Collect gold to unlock various cars in this fast moving simulator game. It is one of those games where you will need patience, skills and a lot of hand eye coordination for nailing the curves among the busy traffic. You even get a dash cam look where you get the real feel of driving inside a car through the traffic. Graphics look even better on a tab get here.


minecraftThis game is an old favorite of everyone from 90s. Developers of this game have done a great job keeping things close to the original video game. You probably know what this game has to offer, it has none of those high-end graphics but a smooth addictive gameplay. Use your creativity and build things out of simple units, rather pixels and survive. A simple game with easy controls and a feel of good days of earlier video games of 90s. The whole of the game has pixels all over the place, not great in modern gaming era, but for all of us 90s kids bringing back the old memories. It looks great on larger screen tablets with more space to play around and make the best possible creations. You must try this game if you have never played it and for we 90s kids, it is a must try. Download.

Let me know in the comments below, which of these you downloaded and enjoyed the most playing.