Your phone is more than just a utility, but a style statement. And it is necessary to keep it looking good and unique each time to give your personality an extra edge. However the manufacturers to keep their models identical keep home screen and the look similar for every device. This is understandable and acceptable, but it should not stop you from using the various apps available on the Google Playstore.

All of these can help you customize your home screen as well as the launcher to something fresh and new. Most of these apps are free to use and provide tons of customization options to play around with your device look.

Lets’ look at some of the best home replacement apps that we can find on playstore for our android smartphone:

Go Launcher

go launcher

This launcher has featured in our earlier list of top launchers too due to its lightweight and functionality. This is a strongly built launcher that has many options for customization and lots of themes and wallpapers to choose from. It features a strong array of features that are meant to enhance your android experience and help get the best out of your device. It also sports security features like the app lock and hide apps features to keep your data safe. We have simply loved this home replacement app for long and have recommended many a times. With regular updates and support it seems this app might feature in future top lists too. Get it here.


zenui launcherThough this launcher has been made popular after the Zenfones became popular. Slowly and gradually this has become quite a loved launcher among the fans. This launcher acts as a choice for those who like customizations but not a bloat filled launcher. It features a decent collection of customization option but not too heavy on your device. This simplicity of this launcher makes it great to use for each and every day use. It also provides security options like hide apps and lock apps for added control over your device. Download the app here.

Zero Launcher

zero launcher appThis is another of that small and fast launcher that can be the best of the lot. It offers a large range of customization options to keep you busy making your device looks good each time. You get handy options to use the app for bit more than just changing the wallpapers. The icon packs are decent enough and the way it smoothly handles the customizations makes it a great choice. You will surely love the app for its simple yet powerful interface. Get the app here.

Evie Launcher

evie launcherAlthough this app does not have might download figures but it has really shown promises. It has beautiful themes and tons of wallpaper choice to choose from. The launcher on the whole is fast and responsive and performs very well. The widgets are great and folder options can give you more to do with your launcher. You even get backup option to back up your home screen and apps to get it same as before on other device. Its fast, its smooth and has every feature to rise to the top choice soon. Download it here.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

TSF Sheel aluncherBit more of an advanced launcher that offers customization options to make your usual screen look appealing. This launcher sports some of the best looking transitions and animations to make it to the top of the most loved launcher list. It can replace your home screen with tons of options of its own and give a totally new look to the home. You get tons of widget and other features options that can be used very interestingly to get the device to look and feel unique. The 3D effects are the ones this app does boast off and truly they look amazing. It can be a little heavy on device as it has a lot of options to play around and even third party themes supported for extra options. Check out the app here.

So here we are listed above the best few options that can be your choice as home replacement apps. All of the apps listed are free to download and you get almost all options for free. Some advanced options may require you to pay later but for the most part, free is what you will need. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.