Icon packs are very useful if you want to change the look of your device instantly. Or might be you are just bored of your current icon pack that had come with your device. Android app store has plenty of icon packs to suit every kind of taste and give a makeover to your device. If you are wondering what icon packs are, they are apps to replace and customize your usual app icons. No more seeing the same icons for your contacts or messaging app every day on your phone. One thing to keep in mind, these icon packs do not always work with stock launchers of your device, so it is best to use them with a custom launcher.

Here are top 5 icon packs

These are the top 5 icon packs that we feel you must download straightaway to give your device a better look instantly.


Voxel icon packWe have placed this icon pack at top due to some very deserving reasons. The first of many is; it is one of the only icon packs that support OEM launchers. OEM launchers are the stock launcher that was shipped with your device. Most other in the list or even on the playstore does not support stock launchers and works only with custom ones. That mean you can use this straight away with whatever launcher you have. It worked fine with Google Now launcher, which is a stock one; some other stock launchers may not work. But it is worth trying due to its material UI and beautifully crafted over 3000 icons to choose from and customize the look of your device. It deserves a shot get it here.

Pixel Icon Pack

pixel icon packYou are a fan of Google’s stock feel that comes with the new pixel phones; this icon pack can get you the looks. The collection of icons on this app is very impressive with over 5770 icons at time of writing this article and constantly updated. We found the icons clean and simple for a cleaner look to the device. I love the rounded icons a bit more than the square ones and this app feeds my desire satisfactorily. The only catch with this icon pack is that, it only works with custom launcher like Nova or any other, except the Google Now launcher. Therefore, before downloading make sure you get a custom launcher to enjoy the benefits of this icon pack to the fullest. Get it here.


GEL icon packsThis icon will be very likeable for people who prefer the white transparent looking icons. Though you get over 1600 icons to customize your android device and its looks. We loved the white colored icons that looked very stylish and minimalistic on the device. You get various background color options to play around with the look that suits you the best. It is free and supported by most of the top launchers in the market. As every other icon packs, you need a custom launcher to utilize it on your device. It is advisable to read the developers details on the app page to find your favorite launcher among the supported launcher list. I suggest download Nova launcher that supports most icon packs on the playstore. Download.


CandyCon icon packsIf you are the fan of Google’s material design that makes everything look so elegant, yet so simple. This is the icon pack you must have on your android smartphone for many good reasons. It follows the guidelines of Google’s design to take care to make things similar to the cleaner footprint of Google. The time we had with this icon pack was oddly satisfying as we could easily get around with some cool designs without disrupting the layout of a cleaner interface. It also supports cynogenmod theme engine good news for all advanced users who love to play around with custom ROMs. Try it out here.

Stamped Black Icons

stamped black icons packIf you are more into black, this app is great for you with tons of black icons to choose from and get the black theme on your device. It has a good collection of black icons with interesting graphics and designs that can be very appealing to black lovers. You get over 1200 icons to choose from to give every icon a black twist of its own. It is supported by most of the launchers like Nova, Apex, ADW, Action launcher and many other launchers. Download.

Do let us know your favorite among these in the comments below.