Soccer is a sport of passion, and we all love it from our heart and always wish to play. But in this busy life we get very little time to get into out shorts and head on to the filed for a match. That doesn’t mean you should lose your passion for the game due to lack of time. You can still enjoy you’re your favorite game with real excitement on your smartphone.

If you are like me and love playing FIFA on your PC and want a portable gaming experience? We have got your back with the best soccer games that can be enjoyed on your smartphone and give you the thrill of scoring goals again. Pull our socks gets on your boots, rather download these games and start building your reputation as a champ.

List Of Best Soccer Games For Android Smartphone

1. Score! Hero

One of the few high rated games that is addictive and will make you its fan the first time you would play. There are lots of options to customize your hero to score some great goals to be top scorer. This game is very simple and addictive with simple slide touch controls. The difficulties increase over the levels and you can keep perfecting your shorts.

This game has over 460 levels that you would require serious skills to achieve and be the master. Stunning graphics and AI based gameplay are few points that would surely make you a stern fan of this game . And the best part is, it is free to download and you can play it straight away. Get the game here and feel the cheers every time you nail the perfect goal.

2. FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA is undoubtedly the father of all soccer games with the best experience that a game can provide you no matter whatever is the device. With authentic teams, players, stadiums and even chants, it would provide the most realistic experience. FIFA brings its best in class experience now on your smartphone with its mobile soccer.

Screenshot_fifa mobile soccer

It has all the standard options with leagues and even an attack mode to take on opponents from worldwide and challenge them. Build you ultimate team and take on your opponents and show them who the champion is. You would need an internet connection to enjoy the feature rich game. Download it here and get the ultimate football gaming experience straight on your smartphone.

3. Top Eleven

One of the most decorated coaches in the football world Mourinho is here with his smart tactics and teaching skills for becoming a top manager. This game is for those crazy fans who wish to have their own team and build an unbeatable team. You can create your own team, hire players and train them to be the best.

A multiplayer game to test your football knowledge and skills required to manage a top club and reach the heights of success. Get this game here and build your best team and motivate them to win the titles just like Mourinho.

4. Soccer Stars

Not a typical soccer game but rather a fun game with multiplayer mode to play with players from around the globe for the cup. There are various modes to test your skills and keep yourself addicted to this simple yet challenging game.

The best part is you can even play offline with your friend on the same phone and enjoy the real excitement of winning. Get this free game from here and challenge your friends to show them who the real winner is.

5. Dream League Soccer

Screenshot_dream league

My personal favorite game that has keeps me coming back to it every time for its amazing gaming experience. The game has licensed player names and teams to provide that real football experience. With 6 divisions to manage your dream team and take it up the rankings to become the ultimate champion.

You can create your own stadium, buy players, sell players, and train them to make them bring the cup back to home. One of the best soccer experiences with smooth graphics and many options for your personalized experience. Download it here and get the immersive experience.

Let us know the game that impressed you the most and ignited your passion for the game we all love – Football/soccer.