Which is the best free live audio streaming software? That’s the question right now you have in your mind.

There are various reasons why people need live audio streaming or broadcasting software. Internet radio is one of the reasons. You can actually broadcast your favorite playlist and other live streams such as your voice through the use of this software.

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To get started with live audio streaming software, you need a source. The source is you and your computer and what you want to stream. After establishing what you want to stream, the data is sent to a server. The server then distributes to any Internet user who cares to listen. Live broadcasting software facilitate the setting up of internet radio stations. Who needs a radio wave when everyone now has internet access?

List Of Best Free Live Audio Streaming Software


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Icecast is media (audio/video) streaming server that can stream MP3, WebM, Ogg and Opus formats. It is mostly used to create Internet radio stations or private jukebox. Other advantages include supporting open standards of communication and interaction. You can keep track of who is listening and where they are listening from. Your listeners can play your live streams on any player, including their browser. Icecast has mount points, which facilitate switching from Livestream to Auto DJ without turning anything off. It uses the hardware of your computer and an internet connection only. It is a free and open source software distributed under GNU GPL.


Like Icecast, SHOUTcast is a media streaming server- it hosts media streaming. It allows radio stations and individuals to stream audio and video without spending a penny.  With this media streaming software, you get to track your listeners and their locations. SHOUTcast is widely used and allows listeners to listen to the streams via browsers, and popular media players such as Winamp, iTunes, XMMS, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

To broadcast via this SHOUTcast, you need compatible tools such as Winamp, to send whatever you want your listeners to hear to the server. Listeners can then listen to your broadcasting by visiting the SHOUTcast Radio directory.


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BUTT, an acronym for Broadcast Using This Tool, is a free and easy to use live audio streaming software. Its user interface is not visually appealing, but it delivers on its promises. BUTT broadcast live from your computer to your listeners- it will broadcast anything from your PC hardware such as microphones and the sound card. It does not broadcast streams from media players.

This broadcasting software works with OS X, Windows, and Linux. It doubles up as a streaming and recording tool. It is not a server, so you will need to configure with broadcasting servers such as Icecast. MP3, Ogg (Vorbis and Opus), and acc+ formats are supported in both broadcasting and recording. With this software, you can amplify or attenuate the input volume.

Winamp with SHOUTcast DSP Plugin

Winamp is a popular media player among Windows PC users. Among its many features is live broadcasting. To broadcasting using Winamp, you will need to download and install the SHOUTcast DSP plugin. After that, you can broadcast your playlists and live recordings. Winamp allows you to control the stream output through fading and effects. You can broadcast your live talks via a microphone. It also uses other external hardware such as a mixer. The SHOUTcast DSP plugin allows broadcasting through the SHOUTcast servers.


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Nicecast is a live audio streaming software for MAC OS X users. It has an easy to navigate interface that will allow you to broadcast audio through the SHOUTcast servers. The first thing you do is enter the server information. Once connected to the server you can broadcast music and other audio media without breaking a sweat. The main advantage of Nicecast is that it can hijack from media players on your Mac such as iTunes. Nicecast is the easiest way Mac users can broadcast audio from microphone and media players.

BroadWave Streaming Audio Software

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BroadWave is a free live audio streaming software that allows you to stream recorded audio on your PC or live audio such as your voice. It runs on your computer as a server. Your listeners will only require their browser to listen to your live audio (webcasts). It supports more than 40 audio formats, and supports up to 8 separate audio streams on one PC. It is compatible with Zulu DJ software, such that you will be able to broadcast live mixes. BroadWave, a Windows only software, is free for noncommercial use.

These are the best free live audio streaming software, which will suit your audio broadcasting needs, whether it is a startup radio station or a company announcement, or a podcast channel.

What live audio streaming software do you use? Please let us know in the comments section.