Widgets are the little apps that make our life easier and more accessible. They are generally on the home-screen displaying various data without the need of opening the app. Like a weather widget that always display the current weather and other information directly on the home screen. You are not required to open the particular app each time to view the weather information. This makes the information more accessible and at a glance, you can get all the information that you may need.

Top 6 Gadgets that Every Android Wear Should Have

We have listed down the 6 best widgets that can be very helpful for you to access variety of information at once.

Google News & Weather

A very useful app for quick updates of news and weather of your surrounding based on your location. You even get customized pallets for the widget to feed news only catering to topics you have interest. Simple yet powerful app, along with amp pages to get news faster and a news carousel for instant headlines. Most probably you have it on your device, if not then get it here.

Color Note

This app overall is a note taking app that includes a decent widget option too. We love this app because it is simple to use. It also provide you a more traditional approach to make lists and to do memos. The UI is simple and makes it very easy to find any notes on the list or the more tiled option, whichever looks appealing to you. The widget displays the memo you chose on the home screen directly. Download.


This clock widget has been our favorite for many years owing to the user experience it provides. It is simple clock with some added feature that makes it different from other clock widgets in the market. you can get information of your next appointment, missed calls, weather and even Gmail. A useful app to have on your android device running android 4.2+ and above. Though there is little problem the weather widget at present, we hope it will be updated soon. Download.

Beautiful Widgets

This app allows you to customize your home screen and the widgets according to your need and taste. For more simple ones like the clock to having more than one widget on tablets, it has option for all. A decent app with the widget collection and the flexibility to choose and customize widgets give you array of options to customize your home screen. There is also a paid version at reasonable price. Get it here.


A destination for all apps at one place from twitter, Amazon Alexa to Google drives on your android device. It acts as a palate for every other app to show notifications and other messages directly. You can choose the apps that you want to show you notifications and proceed accordingly. It is very smart and can act as security alert for your home and smart devices and do thing automatically. Using it first time might be a tedious task, but as you get along you will know how well it works. We advise to try this app for few days to get used to the functionality it adds to your android devices. Download.


If you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person, then this app might excite you. It allows you with tons of customization options to create your own widgets and give it your personal touch. If you are bored of the widgets that are mostly found on android devices, you can use this tool to make your own. We loved this app due to the simple controls that you can easily understand and use to create a widget of your choice. You can change the color, size, shape and many other aspects of the widgets using this simple and powerful tool for free. Download it here.

We have tried to list the top widgets as well as apps that has widget options to tweak around. What these apps does is, it allows you to control the information you want on your home screen that are important to you without getting into the app. Let us know in the comments below which of these you have used earlier and like the most that adds to your android user experience.